Photography Books and Portfolios

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Photography Books and Portfolios

Photography books and portfolios, magazines and journals, albums or frames all play a big part in any photographers life. It doesn't matter whether you are getting married, a professional or serious amateur photographer, or even just a casual, occasional photographer. You probably use one of these as reference or to display your work at some point.

We have teamed up with some of the leading and most professional sources on the internet. We want to bring you the most popular brands and styles of products in their class. By buying online, you save £'s or $'s every time. Therefore, if you regularly buy reference books, albums or magazines, you could save a tidy sum over time.

Books Written by Nick Stubbs

Advanced Photography Tips Book

Get back to basics and learn how to take stunning images with your D/SLR. Click the Book for more info!

How to Sell Stock Photos Book

How to Sell Stock Photos - Learn How to Create a Monthly, Residual Income with your D/SLR. Click the link or Book for more info!

The Business of Photography Book

Photography Business - Learn How to Start Your Own Photography Business with this Extensive Guide. Click the link or Book for more info!

Property Photography Book

Learn how to turn your Digital SLR into a professional working tool in just 2 weeks. Click the Book for more info! THIS BOOK IS NOW FREE - ONLINE.

The following photography books and portfolios are all e-books which are downloadable upon purchase. I have read a few of these in my time and have always found one or two absolute nuggets of information. Nuggets that have helped enormously with my techniques and progression.

Even as a working professional, I never feel like, or tell anyone that I know everything there is to know.

The only way to push forward with your photography is to read and practice. Since I was 13 I have read and digested a lot of information and still do. Occasionally I find some excellent technique or piece of advice that moves my photography on just that bit more.

If any of the following books help in any way, they are worth their weight in gold. The more knowledge you accumulate and the more you become inspired, the better you will do!

Photography Books and Portfolios - Recommended Reading

  1. 1
    Phone Photography Tricks - Astonishingly simple secrets transform your Smartphone into a high-quality DSLR.
  2. 2
    Profitable Photography by Roy Barker - How to easily start up and market a profitable photography business.
  3. 3
    Photography Masterclass - Certified Professional Portrait Photographer tells you what you really need to know!
  4. 4
    Trick Photography And Special Effects E-book - Create mind-blowing artistic images with top secret photography tutorials

As I said before, to get just a few bits of exciting and valuable information from each book is great. Couple that with the motivation and drive to progress and succeed will move you forward so much quicker.

Amateur or Professional Photographer?

Whichever type of photographer you are, you may at some point be asked to photograph a wedding or some other special occasion. Special occasions mean photographs, and photographs from special occasions need decent albums.

I was asked (and paid) last Christmas, to photograph a large family reunion in Spain. The family also asked me to put the best of the photographs in a decent keepsake album. It is always good to have a good supplier of quality albums at hand for those occasions.

It is also good to have a stock of albums already to show prospective clients or even to showcase your work. Wedding couples in particular, would like to see your most recent work. Try to portray this work in fine style as to inspire confidence in you!

You probably already have your favourite photography magazines, but we have sourced some for you anyway. Also, read, read and then read some more. No matter what you already know, you can always benefit from photography books. Bambi Cantrell in particular, is a stunning wedding photographer and her books on wedding photography are a must read.

Journals and Portfolios

Side-stepping the photography side for a moment. For a professional look for whatever you do, these journals and portfolios are designed to last, and impress. If you are looking to book a wedding, a portrait sitting or just about anything where you are face-to-face with your client or in a business environment, a smart, professional appearance is very important.

So if you look smart, why turn up with an old notebook and Biro? These portfolios and journals really do look the part and are bound (excuse the pun) to impress!

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