Fine Italian Leather Portfolios

Writing Journals and Notebooks for Any Occasion

Fine Italian Leather Portfolios

You will find the best and biggest selection of fine Italian leather portfolios at Best Italian Leather or at Amazon. These beautiful fine Italian leather portfolios look great and are sure to impress any clients or friends that see them.

Image is everything especially in business, and if your clients see that you appreciate the finer things in life, you are sure to be remembered.

These leather portfolios are suitable as a diary, a business journal or simply a day to day diary of events. You can even have them embossed with your name, initials or company logo.

The Roma Lussa journal is made purely by hand in Florence, Italy. Its pages are an elegant Italian woven paper, and the edges are each enhanced by a special stone marbling technique, giving a different and varied pattern for each journal. The journal measures 5″x7″ or 6″x9″, and is luxuriously thick (about 1 1/2 inches).

Variations in the colour and texture of the leather are part of the unique Italian quality and quite aesthetic of this hand crafted journal.

Ivory-laid, with unlined pages totalling approximately 175. Absolutely beautiful!

Hand-crafted in Italy for the Cavallini and Company.

You can also personalize your journal by adding an embossed name, logo or phrase for just $12.00 per line. Or you can personalize your journal with blind embossing on one or two lines, and up to 20 characters and spaces each. If you wish to choose this option, please fill in your personalization information when ordering.

See more details on this item, and have a browse through Best Italian Leather's online store, I am sure you will be pleased at the quality and choice that they have to offer!

Handmade photo albums, scrapbooks and journals in leather, silk, and handmade paper. Customized for special occasions.

Fine Italian Leather Portfolios

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