November 2008 Newsletter

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November 2008 Newsletter

In this November 2008 Newsletter:

Credit Crunch/Product Special

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    5D Mark II (Including Sample Video)
  2. 2
    New articles
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    3 ways to get hold of the Wedding Photography Blueprint at a reduced price!
  4. 4
    Photo Recovery Software
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    "Learn Photoshop Now" Review (Including FREE Photoshop report/eBook)
  6. 6
    Wedding Photography Course 6th December 2008
  7. 7
    Adding Video Section to ATP!

Welcome to the "credit crunch special" November newsletter; sorry it has been a while since the last issue…we have been busy moving house and all that! Anyway…

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Have you have been asleep or offline for the past few weeks? If not, you will have seen that Canon are about to release the EOS 5D Mark II. Even thought this is fairly old news, the excitement is still building. More and more "hands on" reviews and sample footage are making their way across the web.

It is interesting to see more and more professional photographers saying what I have said in the past. That wedding photographers will have to start to think about incorporating video into their workflow or get left behind. Even if you are completely against or "anti video", your closest competitors may not be. Any wedding couples who are given the option of having free video clips added to their slideshows will take a lot of persuading to book someone who doesn't offer this!

This is just my opinion but I would love to hear your thoughts. You can voice your own opinion on our EOS 5D Mark II preview page. However, before you do that, if you haven't seen it already, watch this video taken with the 5D Mark II. Mind blowing!!!


We have had a few more articles added lately with a couple on using flash by Kenneth Caleno.

Wedding Photography Blueprint

Credit Crunch Special 1

I have 10 copies of these tutorial DVDs to give away at half price. When I first released the DVDs, I ordered 20 copies for myself. Some to give to the people that helped make the product and kept some behind for orders from countries that our shipping agent doesn't cover.

It turned out that to date we have sent these to all four corners of the globe. However, we've only had one such order from central Africa so now I want to clear these remaining few out.

All you need to do is email me with the subject line "1/2 Price WPB Set" and incorporate your shipping address into the body of the email. You will then receive a PayPal money request for half price. Once payment is cleared, the DVD's will be shipped and when all 10 are gone, this offer will be removed.

Update 11 November 2008: All 10 DVD's now sold.

Photo Recovery Software

This is something close to my heart and something I have used myself in the past. I think all photographers need some form of photo recovery software on their computer "just in case". Better safe than sorry and this particular software from Stellar Phoenix amazed me when I first tried it.

Learn Photoshop Now

I have used each incarnation of Photoshop extensively for a few years now, from Photoshop 6. I've also found myself becoming quite complacent with what I know and too lazy to learn new techniques. I just do the same old same old in order to get my images looking the best they can.

Even though my techniques work, it wasn't until I got hold of these LPN tutorials that I realised what I had been missing. It wasn't just the fact that I quickly learned new ways of doing things. It was more to do with speeding up my workflow with techniques and shortcuts that I never even knew were there!

Are you are fairly new to Photoshop, lazy like me or thinking of trying the trial version before buying Photoshop. It is worth getting hold of these Photoshop tutorials to help you decide.

Kevin Kubota Actions

Credit Crunch Special 2

Do you run a photographic studio or wedding photography business? Have you tried Kevin Kubota's Actions yet? I thoroughly recommend you give them a go. Maybe you currently own none of their Action Paks but feel they would make a useful addition to your studio workflow? I am so confident about how these products can improve all aspects of your business, I am giving away the full Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD set to anyone that buys the full studio set/complete package through us.

For more information and run down of what is included in this awesome package, or to just buy it and lock in this offer, click here. Once purchased, just get in touch and give me the purchase details to receive your free DVDs.

Wedding Photography Course

I hadn't intended to run any more courses this year due to workload. However, after receiving a couple of requests for the one day course, I have added Saturday 6th December. We have 7 places left, accommodation and hearty breakfast available as well as the last of our credit crunch WPB specials.

Credit Crunch Special 3

Video at ATP

Now, I am a lover of all things audio-visual but photography is and always has been my first love. However, over the past few years (since having children) I have grown to love, produce and even sell video clips. With all my ramblings about wedding photographers needing to learn video in the future, I have decided to do something about it.

I will shortly be adding a video section to ATP. It will cover the basics of workflow, software, hardware, techniques and reasons why you should even consider it! Stay tuned…

Any thoughts on this or anything else, please contact me.

Anyway, that is it for this month. I hope the current financial "crisis" isn't affecting anyone too much as we head towards Christmas. Many of the offers in this edition will last a few weeks only but I may add a Christmas special.

Now that we are settled firmly in our new dwellings I hope to get more regular newsletters out and thank you for your patience and readership.

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