November 4, 2005

Nikon Release the D200

Soon after Canon released its new EOS 5D, Nikon release the D200 in response

Nikon D200 Released

It was only a matter of time before the Nikon camp upgraded its now somewhat dated D100. This was released more than 3 years ago and it appears that they have excelled in many ways.

Up until now, Nikon were lagging behind a bit with new technology and new releases. However, this model has given all the Nikon users something worth upgrading to that won't break the bank.

Canon, for example, have always tried to keep photographers of all standards happy in all price brackets. This is especially so now with the choice of 10D (6MP), 20D (8MP), 5D (12MP), 1D MKII (8MP) and 1Ds MKII (17MP).

Nikon amateurs/enthusiasts/semi-pros with the D100, D50 or D70 were all stuck with a maximum of just 6MP sensors. Of course, they could shell out a lot of money for the more pro range of Nikon's such as the D2x.

Bridging the Gap

The D200 has now bridged that gap nicely with its 10.2MP sensor, lightweight, durable and robust magnesium alloy body. In addition, it has an advanced sealing system and a continuous burst speed of 5 frames per second.

I would expect a huge flurry of sales the moment Nikon release the D200. I would also expect a lot of second hand D70's 50's and D100's to hit the market very soon.

It is nice to see cameras starting to be released with real and noticeable (and worthwhile) upgrades rather than simply adding an "s" (Nikon D70s) or an "n" (Canon EOS 1D MKIIN) and just making a few minor adjustments.

Mmmm..."almost" makes me want to convert back to Nikon.

Rather than give you all the spiel here, check out the review at DPreview: Nikon D200 at DPreview

Go Nikon!

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