Newsletter July 2009

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Newsletter July 2009

Newsletter July 2009: June was just so busy I had to merge these two newsletters into one but that means this one is fairly "busy"!

Now we are in full wedding season, I have been getting more great feedback from lots of readers, many who have bought the Wedding Photography Blueprint, with regards to how their first weddings are going.

It is great to see the transition from beginner/amateur photographer to working professional and hearing the success stories…keep them coming! The latest comment was this…

Newsletter July 2009


"Just wanted to say thanks. I got the DVD course at the end of last year in preparation for a friend's wedding. I gave them the photos last week and they are absolutely thrilled. Definitely could not have done it without your help. The basic camera setting you recommend in the DVD was worth the price on its own. I didn't get a single badly exposed shot"

Lee Brookes, UK - photographer

The summer has hit Dorset nicely over the past few weeks. I have spent as much time as I can out shooting stock, preparing for upcoming weddings and of course, writing and filming the new private members section. However, I must admit we have had a few setbacks in the way of:

  • A cut head on my son
  • Broken arm for my 3 year old daughter
  • Some loose ends to tie up in Spain

However, the site is mostly done now and will have some very cool features. I am really looking forward to the launch (just a few weeks now). The aim is to help photographers of all levels reach and achieve whatever they want to with regards to their business or hobby. Plus the chance to interact with other photographers, sharing images, taking part in teleconferences and much more.

So, this month's Newsletter July 2009:

  1. 1
    Enduro Africa - Final push
  2. 2
    Future of Stock Photography - Video?
  3. 3
    Stock Photography Course
  4. 4
    Control your Canon DSLR from your iPhone!
  5. 5
    Canon Honours
  6. 6
    ACDSee Pro 3
  7. 7
    Nature photography ideas
  8. 8
    Nikon D5000 Preview

1. Enduro Africa

I didn't want to do any more promos for this so this will be the last ever promotion for the Wedding Photography Blueprint. Just $100 for 1 week or until the target is reached, whichever comes sooner.

I have just a few days to collect the remainder of my sponsorship money. I'm a few hundred pounds short which could jeopardize the trip and put it back to next year. So, for just a few days or until the total is reached, I am selling the Wedding Photography Blueprint again for just $100!

This will most definitely be the last ever promotion for this product. So, if you haven't already got a copy and are looking to shoot weddings for a living or just for friends and family…now is the time to buy! Remember, ALL donations and 100% of the income from this sale will go to charity, not me.

Of course, you could just make a donation to the cause - Nick's Enduro Africa. 4 million children in Africa die before their 5th birthday, that is one every 30 seconds so your contribution will literally save lives! Just £1 could help save a life!

I now have the itinerary and have seen many videos from last year's trip. I'm starting to feel a little nervous when I hear advice such as "if you see a lion…keep riding and do not stop". Or "today includes a simple 1000ft, 45 degree decent to cross a difficult gorge followed by a steep 1000ft 45 degree climb"! So, thanks to all who have donated so far and thank you to anyone taking me up on this last offering.

Note: For those of you that have already bought the Blueprint at the regular price, you will receive free access to the new private members site.

2. Stock Photography…where are we now?

3. Stock Photography Courses

  • Thought about shooting stock?
  • Got a half decent DSLR?
  • Come down to Dorset and learn all about how to make money from stock!
  • Stock Photography Courses

4. Control your Canon DSLR from your iPhone

A very interesting piece of kit that could well come in handy for some of you Canon DSLR owners (I am sure a Nikon model will be out soon).

5. Whilst on the subject of Canon…

Top honours for EOS 5D Mark II. Canon's EOS 5D Mark II DSLR camera has been named 'Camera Of The Year' in the Camera Grand Prix 2009. This is the most prestigious award in Japan's photography industry. The award is sponsored by the Camera Journal Press Club Japan (CJPC), comprising thirteen photography and camera publications (as of May 2009). The coveted Camera of the Year 2009 was awarded to the most impressive camera released in Japan between April 2008 and March 2009. I am expecting the Nikon D3x to receive a similar acclaim through other channels at some point.

6. ACDSee Pro 3

ACDSee are offering an extended free trial of their latest software Pro 3. Once downloaded and installed, you have until the end of October to play with and explore this new release. I guess in the hope that it will become well integrated into your workflow by the release date. After downloading this and having a play myself, I must say I am impressed. One particular feature that caught my eye was the automatic cropping of images in real time as you make certain adjustments such as perspective and pin cushioning. Very intuitive and extremely handy.

7. Nature photography ideas

A great article shown to me by my wife that has some great ideas to encourage you to experiment

8. Is it me or are DSLR's getting smaller?

Well, that's it for now. I need to get back to finishing the private members site, increasing my sponsorship efforts and getting fit for the challenge.

Have a great summer,


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