August 20, 2011

Weymouth Carnival 2011

Weymouth Carnival does Dorset proud in 2011

  • Come to Weymouth Carnival 2011 (and every year ; )
  • Take your camera everywhere and shoot everything
  • Sell the photos as editorial stock on multiple agencies
  • Have fun doing what you love and maybe even earn £££'s!

I had a great day this week. Myself and my family were part of the Chickerell Utd Youth Football Team's carnival float in Weymouth. It was a great design in the form of a Hill-Billy's shack and even came third in the judging. It was a different experience taking photos from the actual float rather than from the crowd.

I was mainly there for a fun family day our but of course, I had my camera with me. I planned to shoot some stock but also got some great shots for the team and family.

When shooting crowds for stock photography, you more often than not shoot editorial. Unless you get a model release from every person in the photo, you cannot use it for royalty free stock.

Despite this, editorial images still sell very well online and in print. They could be used for anything that tells a story so make sure your images do just that.

Photograph people having fun. Shoot things that you see that make you laugh or even cringe. Anything that would look great in an editorial piece could potentially earn you some pocket money or more.

If you are there any, like I was at the Weymouth Carnival 2011, take a bunch of quality stock photos.

Weymouth Carnival 2011 Crowds
Aura Cafe Bar in Weymouth
Two Hillbilly Men at Weymouth Carnival
People on Balcony Waving at Carnival
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weymouth carnival

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