Hoo Too 7 USB 3.0 Port and Charging Hub

One of the handiest gadgets received this year so far

Hoo Too USB and Charging Hub: Now I like gadgets, that much is clear. Anything that takes batteries, has a plug or some ingenious way of grabbing my attention with regards to making my life easier or more fun gets my seal of approval.

The latest request that came from Hoo Too for me to review one of their products couldn’t have come at a better time. My last 3 custom made PC’s, whilst being well built and costing a lot of money, all had the same recurring problem:

The USB ports would get damaged.

I use a LOT of USB ports for:

  • External hard drives (I have 6 on my desk as I write this)
  • CF card reader for my photography
  • Webcam (not really used much)
  • USB microphone (used a lot)
  • Label printer
  • Second USB keyboard for video editing
  • Wireless dongle for main keyboard and mouse
  • Main printer

My current PC has 8 USB ports. 4 at the back and 4 on the top front of the main case. The four at the back are in permanent use for the 2 printers, dongle for wireless keyboard/mouse and microphone.

The four at the front are the ones that I use the most for swapping hard drives and CF card readers. I also use them for charging devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition) and Apple iPad Mini 4.

Because of all this activity, 2 of the ports are faulty which affects the other two. So on occasion I will lose signal to a hard drive at the most inopportune moment.

Enter the Hoo Too HT-UH010 7 port USB 3.0 Hub with 2 charging ports

Hoo Too USB and-Charging Hub Fig.1

What a brilliant device.

As described in the title, it has 7 USB 3.0 ports and 2 charging ports for Smartphones, Tablets, Go Pros and so on. Please note that the two charging ports are for charging only. They will not support data transfer in the way that the USB ports will not support charging.

The whole device connects to my PC via USB but it also connects to a mains outlet giving full power to all ports (including the charging ports obviously).

Hoo Too USB and Charging Hub Fig.2

I have had this running for over a week with my computer permanently on and have had no problems. It has saved my bacon as I was struggling to get all my hard drives working at once.

I have bought smaller, cheaper USB hubs before but they have never really worked. The reason being that one needed another USB port to power the unit from the PC itself. Using an AC adapter makes a lot more sense and works a treat.

Main Features

  • Massive Expansion with 7 USB 3.0 ports
  • 2 Charging ports (1A and 2A) for Smartphones and tablets
  • Powerful 12V/5A AC power adapter for all 9 ports
  • LED indicators for each USB 3.0 port and power supply
  • Plug and play. Supports hot swap function and no driver needed
  • Built-in current protection system effectively protects hub and connected devices from electronic incidents
  • Backwards compatible with older USB devices (2.0 etc)

Not much more to say other than this product works perfect. Bliss!

Hoo Too USB and Charging Hub Fig.3

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