December 1, 2011

Go Pro HD Hero 2 Review

The Latest Wearable Action Camera from Go Pro

Go Pro HD Hero 2

Well! No sooner had I bought the most excellent Go Pro Hero HD…they released the Go Pro HD Hero 2! Literally 2 days later….grrrr!

Now, this would normally grate and annoy me but there were two reasons why I took it on the chin so well:

  1. 1
    I could use two of these little beauties at most of my events (I have many ideas for uses)
  2. 2
    This upgrade is amazing

After playing with the original Hero HD from Go Pro, I was suitably impressed but there were a few things missing that I yearned for such as the ability to use external microphones. Well, this updated miniature masterpiece had not only that but a lot more to offer…it is now, in my opinion, a must have for any:

  • Aspiring videographer
  • Blogger
  • Extreme Sports Person
  • Photographer looking to add video to their arsenal of skills
  • Gadget freak like me who just loves this sort of kit!

I can see so many ways to make the most of the Go Pro HD Hero 2 in my work and leisure time. I can use it for vlogging in my car, B-roll for some video shoots for example.

Then I can use it to film my motorbike rides and exploits or as a dash-cam for the car. Being able to watch and film remotely using an app also opens up another world of video.

Any photographer that is also shooting video or looking to do so should invest in a Go Pro. The possibilities for extreme and unique angle imaging are endless!

Check out our full review here:

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