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I don’t know what it is but I have a bit of a thing for decent camera bags. Hence this small camera bag store/recommendation page. At the last count, I own around 10 different rucksacks, camera bags, video bags, drone cases and so on.

It’s not just about protecting your camera and photography equipment, which is obviously very important. It is also about looking good plus that great feeling that you know you have all the kit you need in one handy place!

Turning up to a client shoot with a solid HPRC or Pelican case looks way better than some old bag you've had for years. Just my opinion : )

General Bags

I have different sized bags for different jobs such as a huge Tamrac rucksack. This will take practically all my

All of which I tend to use for wedding photography shoots.

Then I have a smaller rucksack for smaller shoots such as portraits or the occasional commercial or property shoot. I also have a cool Lowepro Dryzone Rover. This cool bag has a fully waterproofed camera compartment which is great for hiking or any activity in which you are likely to get wet. 

Solid Camera Case

For my expensive video gear, I use the solid style camera cases and have a few from Pelican and HPRC. One large case for the broadcast cameras (that I won for a camera review!). Plus a super compact, smaller Pelican case for my excellent little Go Pro cameras.

Check out the gear below and please note, if you buy through any of our links, we may get a kick-back from Amazon. This all helps maintain this website.

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