Go Pro HD Hero 5 Black General Thoughts, Stabiliser and Voice Control

First Impressions on the New Hero Camera from Go Pro, the HD Hero 5 Black (Video)

Go Pro Hero 5

Having used Go Pro video cameras from the beginning of time, I wanted to test the Go Pro Hero 5. Test it for a couple of its latest, and most anticipated features…namely:

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    Built in image stabiliser (digital)
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    Voice Control
  • check
    Linear video mode (no distortion)

I simply used my existing car suction mount to attach it to the window of my car. I then went for a drive filming from both inside the car and from the car bonnet. This was to check the wind noise using the updated 3 microphone, stereo sound input.

Watch the video below to see my initial thoughts on:

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    How the camera operates
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    If the voice control works well
  • check
    The stability of the footage
  • check
    To see the image quality at both 2.7K and 4K when both output to 2.7K

You can also see how well the new linear view mode works which eliminates any distortion. This is a huge reason why I bought this camera. However, bear in mind that Linear View is only available up to 2.7K as filming in 4K would leave no room for correction.

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