​Mirfak Vlogging Kit Review

​Quick to set up vlogging equipment for perfect video and audio capture

The Mirfak Vlogging Kit consists of a leng​thy extendable handle, a small but high quality condenser microphone, bright Moin L1 cube light and Smartphone holder all for ​$​99! ​With all of that included, it is also great for live-streaming.

​Video review ​below is best watched with headphones/earbuds via a Smartphone to hear the quality of audio from the condenser microphone.

Video Review Timeline:

  • ​00:00 to 00:26 - Introduction and disclaimer
  • ​00:26 to 05:36 - Run through of what's included
  • ​05:36 to 09:03 - Filming indoors using light with comparison to Smartphone ​
  • ​09:04 to 10:17 - Outdoors mic test
  • ​10:17 to 13:06 - Ambient office noise test and pick up against 4 pro mics
  • ​13:06 to 15:56 - Outdoor night shooting using Moin L1 Cube Light
  • ​15:56 to 19:25 - Summary and overall impression

Mirfak Vlogging Kit

​Grab and go vlogging gear.

Mirfak Vlogging Kit

​$99 Kit Includes

  • Moin L1 Fill Light (0-1000 lux @ 50cm, ​Magnetic, Waterproof to 35ft, 2hrs Battery Life)
  • MVM01 Microphone with ​Moza Genie Noise Reduction, Universal 2 x 3.5 ​Jack + Wind Muffler (Dead Cat)
  • Extension Pole (up to 695mm)
  • Phone Holder
  • Tripod ​(​Fits to Base of Extension Pole)​​​
  • Professional Video Editing App - VMaker (Download)
  • App Control for Light (Download: Bluetooth, Morse Code, Control Up To 5 Cubes, One Touch Colour Adjustment, IOS and Android))


  • ​Excellent sound quality in and outdoors
  • ​Practically no hissing or ambient noise pickup
  • ​Bright and adjustable Moin L1 light with long lasting battery
  • ​Phantom-powered mic works with Smartphone and camera
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Good hand grip


  • ​Slight rumbling sound when listening through headphones on PC

​Important Note: The rumbling sound is only evident to me when using high quality headphones when listening through a PC. Without headphones on a PC and with headphones through my Smartphone, the audio is superb throughout as you can hear in the video. 

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Overall Score 


Sound Quality

​Light Quality

Value for Money

​The ​Review

​Please note: I was given the Mirfak Vlogging Kit for review. I did not pay for it. However, my review is completely non-biased because of this and I give my honest and realistic views on all aspects of the kit.

Because I had already reviewed and liked the Mirfak Moin L1 light, I was more than happy to receive and review the Mirfak Vlogging Kit.

I must say that I wasn't disappointed with my first impression. The packaging was good and the overall quality of all items including the microphone and light was high.

Mirfak MVM01 ​Microphone

​The MVM01 microphone is of very high quality. It is sturdy and will work as well on a DSLR or mirrorless camera as it will your Smartphone. Happily, you receive cables for both in the kit, just make sure you use the right one for each ​appliance.

The microphone has little or no hissing when used in a silent situation. I tested against 4 other microphones of higher value and it held its own. In fact, the Mirfak MVM01 microphone had the least hissing when recording in a quiet room out of all four.

Outside, the microphone is incredibly clear and works really well​ with the wind muffler. Even when held at arm's leng​th using the telescopic handle you still get clear audio. Inside, there is some obviously going to be some "rebound" of audio from the walls but nowhere near as bad as the Smartphone mic. 

My only gripe, and please note this is being really picky, is some rumbling during recording. This sound only appears when I listen to the audio with high quality headphones on my PC. When watching without headphones or with headphones on my Smartphone or tablet, the audio is superb.

I don't think many people will even notice this...I am just being rather picky.







​Sensitivity Range


​S/N Ratio




​Max. Sound Pressure Level

​110dB S.P.L

​Moin L1 Cube Light

​This is a superb cube 1000 lumens light that has 5 levels of brightness when used manually or many more when used with the Mirfak app. It is waterproof to 35ft, super versatile and works very well at night or as a fill in light indoors. It is perfect for vlogging and live streaming and runs for 2 hours on full power.

I won't go into too much detail here as I have already reviewed these lights her​e:

​Extension Pole and ​Phone Holder

​The extension pole extends to an impressive 695mm and is very sturdy at full length. It is easily strong enough to hold any Smartphone along with the light, microphone and holder. At the bottom end, you have a standard tripod thread to which you can attach the included mini tripod. Very handy!

All finished off with a grippable slightly rubberised handle that I found pretty comfortable. The phone holder expands to fit most large Smartphones and has two cold-shoes. One to hold the microphone and the other for anything you like.

The light attaches to the other tripod screw thread on the other side. All in all, very easy to set up and comfortable to use. Well built too.


​Overall, I am impressed with the kit and its simplicity to set up and use. The light is perfect for vlogging and live-streaming and the audio from the microphone is superb. That is all you really need and for under $100, I would say it is a good buy for any level og vlogger or online live-streamer.


​Buy ​direct from Mirfak below (non-affiliate link)

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