Go Pro HD Hero 3 Black Edition Review

Is the HD Hero 3 a Worthy Upgrade?

Go Pro HD Hero 3 Review

Well, I have finally got round to finishing my Go Pro HD Hero 3 review. This is a fairly in-depth and extensive review with a few sample video clips. Go and pop the kettle on and settle in!

I wanted to at least use the camera in a few situations that would give a "real-life" impression of the:

  • Image Quality
  • Pros and cons
  • Usability

...of this camera. After all, we don't all get to ski, skydive, snowboard, scuba-dive and skate as much as we'd like. More's the pity so only expect footage and stills from the world that I currently occupy.

I can see myself using Go Pro's, especially the Go Pro HD Hero 3, at weddings and with my family. They really are fun cameras to shoot when using features like slow motion, time lapse, burst photos and so on.

If you had the original Go Pro HD Hero and upgraded to the HD Hero 2, you will have seen a noticeable difference in many aspects of the camera. With that in mind, and if you have a HD Hero 2, is it worth upgrading? Well, you will have to read the review and check out the footage from the Go Pro HD Hero 3 to answer that question ; )

Go Pro HD Hero 3 Black Edition Review

Go Pro HD Hero 3 Review
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