April 15, 2016

X5 Adapter for DJI Osmo

The long awaited X5 Osmo adapter is finally here for Inspire 1 pilots with X5 camera

X5 Adapter for DJI Osmo

Update 13.05.16: Read this page and then check out our full DJI Osmo and X5 camera review.

After what seems a lifetime, DJI have finally released the X5 adapter for the Osmo handheld video stabiliser camera.

The Osmo was originally released with a camera similar to the X3 camera found on the original DJI Inspire 1. However, news soon spread that the Osmo would, at some point, be compatible with the higher quality X5 camera.

The X5 camera that I use on the Inspire 1 has a larger Micro Four Thirds sensor. This gives it greater dynamic range, better low light quality and better overall image quality. I have seen a huge difference in image quality since upgrading to the X5 camera.

When the DJI Osmo was released, it was received well. Those of us that had upgraded cameras and seen the improvement, didn't want to fork out for another X3 camera that the Osmo came with. So we waited...and waited.

X5 Adapter Released

Finally, at admittedly a higher price than I expected, the X5 adapter was released. It would allow us to use our X5 cameras on the "handle only" DJI Osmo is for sale at £81.

I had already spent close to £2000 on the X5 camera and Olympus 12mm lens. So paying £215 for the DJI Osmo Handle Kit and £81 for the adapter to give me a superb hand-held alternative to shooting on the Inspire seems like a no brainer. Being able to "hot-swap" the X5 camera from the Inspire to a hand-held system is pretty cool. It will be great when filming weddings or just about any event I want to cover from all angles.

It'll also be very handy for those tight or tough situations. Times where I cannot use the much bulkier, although way better, Panasonic GH4/DJI Ronin M set up.

Of course, this set up will also work with the newly release DJI X5r camera. That baby will shoot 4K RAW video at an unbelievable 2.4gbps bit rate. DJI seem to be taking the world by storm with all of their new and innovative products, long may it continue but please continue to improve your customer service too ; )

X5 adapter for Osmo
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