Aputure Gigtube Viewfinder

The Handy Off-Camera Remote Viewfinder For DSLR’s

Aputure Gigtube Viewfinder Review

Aputure Gigtube Viewfinder

The Aputure Gigtube Viewfinder is a pretty cool little gadget. It acts as a removable LCD live view screen for your DSLR with built in camera remote. For me, there are a number of possible scenarios where this would be particularly useful:

  • Self Portraits
  • Overhead Shots
  • Stealth Shots of Nature Subjects
  • Low Angle Shooting
  • Macro Work

Having used this gadget myself over the past couple of weeks, I must admit it is pretty useful. I like to video my kids with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and to get the shot looking great, I like to film them running about from a low angle.

Placing the Aputure Gigtube on the camera’s hot-shoe with the screen facing up makes this task so much easier and it means I can run around holding the camera low down whilst seeing exactly what I am filming. Something impossible to do with a DSLR without the Aputure Gigtube Viewfinder. ;

Update 2018: Many DSLR's and mirrorless cameras are incorporating articulating screens these days which helps.

Main Features

  • 2.5" LCD Display (230k pixels, 24-bit color)
  • Any-Angle Rotating/Tilting Viewer
  • Full LCD Control (brightness, contrast, flip)
  • Remote Shutter Release Function
  • Hot Shoe Mountable

It is also good for stealth-type nature shots where you want to be away from the camera. Although it is not wireless, you do have a 6′ cable to give you some separation from the equipment.

Gigtube Remote Shooting Using Cables
Gigtube Remote Shooting Using Canon DSLR
Gigtube Remote Shooting Using Through Kitchen Window

Studio work will benefit too where you cannot necessarily get low enough to look at the rear LC screen. This can be useful when either attached to the camera or used hand-held.

Remote Shooting in a Studio
Aputure Gigtube Viewfinder

Here are the Specs:




2.5 inch, 230,000 pixel, 16M colors definition

Rotates Angle

Counterclockwise 180°, clockwise 90°


2m extension cable


Rechargeable LIP Battery, 1000mAh

Power Consumption

About 1W

Battery Life

3 Hours (fully charged)

Working Temperature


Net Weight



83 x 66 x 45mm (L x W x H)

The Aputure Gigtube Viewfinder acts pretty much the same as your rear LCD screen. It incorporates the live view with image review once capture has been made. The whole thing is pretty simple to set up and use by simply pacing one cable into the remote release socket and the other into the AV out socket.

You can rotate the image on screen by 180 degrees for ease of viewing. The battery should last for 3 hours of continuous shooting. It is worth making the effort to only use the screen when needed as this 3 hours can quickly run out when on location.

To see a list of DSLR’s that are currently compatible with the Gigatube, please visit the Aputure website or check them out at Amazon.

Notes and Niggles:

  1. 1
    Note: When used with camera models marked in red, the AV adapter of Aputure and original AV cable of manufacturer is necessary
  2. 2
    Note: The live LCD viewfinder is dependent upon whether your camera supports "Live View"
  3. 3
    Niggle: It needs to include a separate, shorter cable for when you are using the viewfinder on your hotshoe as the 6 foot cord tends to swing about and get in the way
  4. 4
    Niggle: As a default, the machine is set to “auto off” after a couple of minutes which can be infuriating! I found out after some searching through the menu that you can switch this feature off and when I did…bliss! Much better

Update: Having just used this device when shooting a recent wedding (video) I found it extremely valuable when shooting from the hip or low down when filming kids running about on the dance floor.

It can also be used well for stealth videoing/photography. You can point the lens at someone at a 90 degree angle and look down at the camera as though you are not actually filming but maybe cleaning the camera or adjusting it.

Using the viewfinder to focus and frame your shot, you can get some pretty cool footage and/or stills without the guests/couple knowing! I am sure you could find a whole host of other uses for the Aputure Gigtube Viewfinder.

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