October 7, 2014

Inatek Bluetooth Speaker Review

BP1002B Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Inatek

Inatek Bluetooth Speaker Review: Ultra Mini Portable Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for iPhones/iPods/ iPads/Android Smartphones/Samsung Galaxy/Laptops/Mobiles/Mp3 players

Inatek Bluetooth Speaker Review

Product Rating Summary 

88% Overall

Update July 2021: Nearly 7 years after writing this review, I recently found myself still using this speaker. It is solid, reliable and although the sound quality isn't the best or bassiest, it is still super useful for many applications.

For the price, it is certainly worth having around!

Inatek Bluetooth Speaker Review

I am a fan of (almost) anything that uses Bluetooth, I love that technology and this speaker is no different. It is the BP1002B Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Inatek.

Inatek Bluetooth Speaker Review
Inatek Bluetooth Speaker Review
  • Compact and ultra mini, easily carry wherever you go
  • Dimension: 71.5 * 61.5 mm
  • Advanced audio performance offers a unique listening experience
  • Built-in lithium battery. The speaker can be charged via micro USB cable
  • Connects wirelessly to your Bluetooth device; Compatible with Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices - Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3 players, laptops, etc.
  • Package: 1x Bluetooth Speaker; 1x USB Charge Cable; 1x 3.5mm Audio Cable; 1x Manual
  • Supported wireless modes: Bluetooth v2.1 and EDR
  • Output Effective performance: 3 Watts x1
  • Weight: 140g
  • Size: 5×61.5×71.5mm
  • Colour: black

It's small enough to fit in any bag or even pocket but loud enough to enhance the audio from any of your devices. Your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Smartphone, Tablet and so on.


One neat feature is the incredibly small microphone built into the device itself. This allows you to take calls as they happen when listening to 360 degree music on your phone. The speaker turns from music output to phone output, which is also great for conference calls.

Inatek Bluetooth Speaker and Manual

When you feel the box, you know you have something that has quality built in despite its low price. The box is sturdy and well made, like the more expensive products from Apple for example and the speaker itself is well made too.

Note: Supplied cables are tucked away in the plastic inserts so don’t go throwing them away with the box too hastily.

There is minimal "fuss" on the speaker itself:

3.5mm aux input

This is to cable the speaker to other music devices that don't have Bluetooth which is handy for those of you still using Sony Walkman's ; )

As I said, there is a cable supplied in the box.

Micro USB input

The Micro USB input is purely for charging. No firmware updates or anything and a small red light comes on to let you know it's plugged in/charging.

Inatek Bluetooth Speaker

Mic input

Just along from the charge light, and the same sized hole (tiny), is the microphone for taking calls.

Jog dial

Next is the main dial for volume control (long push to the left or right), changing tracks (quick flick to the left or right to go backwards or forwards through songs and a long push down on the dial to either play and pause tracks or to accept and end calls.

Cool feature: To call the last person spoken to on your phone, just double tap the play button on the speaker.

Power switch

Turns the speaker on and off (with a cute sound to let you know it is ready). I am not sure how long it takes to charge from flat. It comes charged but how long that charge lasts for I don't know but so far it has lasted pretty well.

Bluetooth Speaker Features

All in all, a great little speaker that does a great job at this price point. In fact I think it punches well above its weight for just £12.99!

It would make a great present for anyone with a Smartphone (that'll be everyone then) and a brilliant stocking filler for Christmas!

Good vocals, warm bass, no distortion on full volume or loss of clarity when volume is lowered. Happy listening.

Check out the Inatek website for more handy gadgets and accessories

Inatek Bluetooth Speaker Review
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