Which Camera Should I Buy: Part Two

Which is Best For Me: Canon EOS 5D or EOS 30D?

Which Camera Should I Buy - Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


I am a budding photographer and I am currently researching the net for all the help I can get. I have the Rebel XT and want to upgrade. I'm trying to decide between the 30D and the 5D. Any suggestions?


With regards to the two cameras you are considering it is mainly down to personal preference and whether you want to retain the 1.6x crop factor or go full frame? Both are excellent cameras with very similar specs. I use the 5D for weddings and stock and absolutely love it. If you can afford the difference, have a serious think about the 5D.

Update 2018: I now use the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (link to review) and love it for weddings, portraits, time lapses and commercial shoots. Video is stunning with only two downsides. The workflow for 4K and the rolling shutter in 4k. Other than that, stunning. For a cheaper DSLR, check out the Canon EOS 80D.

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