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Welcome to our new Photoshop tutorials videos section at All Things Photography. The aim is to try and cover all of those little, but sometimes complicated Photoshop tutorials that somehow seem to elude you!

We would appreciate your input by letting us know what you want to see. The more requests that we get, the greater the chance that we will cover it for you as best we can. So please feel free to contact us with your suggestions or just let us know what is bothering you about certain Photoshop processes.

We will slowly but surely add to this section as and when we can and eventually build a huge library of useful tips and tutorials.

Subtle Spot Colouring:

Photoshop Tutorials Videos

This is an old trick that was used by many digital photographers when it was still relatively unknown to the buying public.

It is good to learn as I still get the occasional request from Brides asking for this on some of their shots.

Just don’t overdo it and try to make it look good and subtle.

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Replacing Background in Photoshop:

Photoshop Tutorials Videos

Sometimes you may want to remove an ugly background from an image and either convert it to pure white or drop in a new image as the background. This is particularly useful for shooting and uploading stock photography. We cover both techniques in this tutorial..

Erasing Objects in Photoshop:

Remove Items from Photos Using Photoshop

Getting rid of unsightly objects in Photoshop can be a challenge but with the clone tool, healing brush and the new Content Aware tool, it is a breeze.

We also show you how to do the same thing with Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.

Even though this software is fairly old now, it will still do 99% of what most people need and is forward compatible.

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Create Light in Photoshop:

Adding Lights to Dark Houses in Photoshop

Sometimes a photo needs that little bit extra to make it pop.

In this tutorial, we show you how to create the effect of light coming from an otherwise dark house on a moody day in Winter.

A splash of colour on a dark, monotone image can make all the difference. Just remember to add the light in the water reflections ; )

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