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Genuine Fractals Print Pro - Up-sizing images, up-scaling or "uprezzing" is the process where an image file is enlarged beyond its original recorded state. This is to either make larger prints or convert to larger images for more sales in stock photography. In saying that, most modern DSLR's produce files that are big enough for most stock agencies.

Genuine Fractals Print Pro is particularly useful when using high quality images for use on:

  • Billboards
  • Large ads
  • Large, fine art prints for the home

Are you interested in shooting stock photography for some of the larger agencies? If so, most files produced by older DSLR's are not quite up to par in regards to the file sizes required. Of course, they could be fine for the smaller "microstock" agencies. However, should you wish to enter the realms of larger payouts or RM/L (rights managed or Licensed) images, then Genuine Fractals will help you in your quest!

Genuine Fractals Print Pro is one program available that will quickly and simply get your images to the desired resolution. It outputs some of the clearest images seen using this process (works best on files from 6mp cameras and up).

Genuine Fractals claims that you can up-size your images as much as 1000% without serious degradation in the quality of your files.

From the developer…

"Genuine Fractals 5 is the industry standard for image resizing. As a Photoshop plug-in, it is renowned across the photographic and printing industries for its ability to increase image size well over 1000% without the loss of sharpness or detail that you would normally expect. Its patented, fractal based interpolation algorithms work like nothing else and the results speak for themselves."

Of course, there are ways to do this using Photoshop. However, many people have tested both methods against each other and Genuine Fractals came out on top every time. It is a piece of software that has been researched and developed purely for this task. It's not just an add-on to an already "bursting-at-the-seems" application.

Note: If you need a side-by-side comparison, do some research online. Like I said, many have tried and keep coming back to GF Print Pro!

Alamy Stock Agency requires their digital or scanned files to be at least 50mb uncompressed for higher end sales. What does uncompressed mean? I will explain using a file from the old 12mp Canon EOS 5D as an example.

Genuine Fractals Print Pro example

A standard shot taken with the Canon EOS 5D, 12 megapixel camera throws out a file with the following dimensions and size:

  • Dimensions - 4368 x 2912 (multiply these figures and you get 12.7 million pixels or megapixels)
  • Compressed JPEG file size - Anywhere between 3.5MB to 9MB, depending on the image…3.42 in this case
  • Uncompressed JPEG file size when opened in Photoshop – 36.4MB

The uncompressed size is not enough as we need 50MB which works out to be about a 17% increase in size required. Using Genuine Fractals Print Pro, we simply increase the uncompressed file size. This is shown in the video below and produces the necessary file size of 50MB uncompressed.

Now the dimensions and size are:

  • Dimensions - 5120 x 3413 (Multiply these figures and you get 17.4 million pixels or megapixels)
  • Compressed JPEG file size - Now increased to 4.24MB
  • Uncompressed JPEG file size when opened in Photoshop - 50MB

Job done

Quick and simple! Now the new, upsized JPEG can be uploaded to Alamy and prepared for sale! For a visual demo of this software, please watch the short video at the top of this page and for more information, go to OnOneSoftware. If the current version is too pricey, you may find a second hand older version on Amazon.

Genuine Fractals Print Pro

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