Uploading Photodex Slideshows

Uploading Photodex Slideshows: Which File Type?

Uploading Photodex Slideshows


I knew you could upload some photo files using Photodex but how do you upload a slideshow. I tried but it say *.psh file type is not supported.


When you have made the slideshow in Pro Show Gold or Photoshow (Photodex), there is a button at the top where you can "create web show". When you do this, it renders the show and throws out a few files. The one you mentioned is just the .psh file that stores the show info. When you click this, it will just "re-load" the show into Pro Show.

When your slideshow is rendered, there should be another file with the extension .pxc (PXC file) created. This is the one you need and should be a few megabytes as opposed to a few KB like the others. Upload this file and you should be ok.

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