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Welcome to our September 2007 Newsletter. It has been the busiest month of the year for me with regards to "actual" photography work so I have neglected ATP a little. It is so frustrating not being able to devote all my time to the website because I love writing it and enjoy all the feedback and emails from our readers.

So much so in fact, that the time is almost here for me to jack everything else in, risk it all and concentrate on the website full time.

We are moving back to the UK imminently and permanently to make life easier all-round for us and the kids. This means no weddings, no portraits or property photography for a year or so until I get the site exactly where I want it.

That includes (over the next couple of years)…

  • Another complete revamp to make navigation, user participation and administration much easier
  • The addition of competitions, more reviews and possibly a forum
  • Adding the ability for readers to offer feedback and comments on articles
  • Maybe converting the site into two or more other languages
  • Organising meet ups and/or free one day workshops for regulars in the UK?
  • Organising intensive, 3-6 day wedding photography workshops

The rest of this year will be spent finishing off all the weddings, moving our life back to the UK and planning for 2008. Any feedback, comments or suggestions on the above are always welcome and appreciated.

For the September 2007 Newsletter then, I have added the following to ATP

4 Weddings and a Funeral! (For my lovely 1D Mark II that is) - Having shot 4 weddings with this revolutionary camera that has had a complete overhaul of new technology, I can safely say that it paves the way for all DSLR’s in the future. A pricey beast but worth a read. Many or most new Pro, Semi-Pro and beginner Digital SLR’s will incorporate these exciting features over the coming years. I have been using this for a month now and love it!

Wow...Nikon fight back with a truly amazing new professional DSLR. If I didn’t already have so much invested in Canon glass, I may think about jumping ship with this beauty! The first time I have said that for years.

After my experiences this year in Spain, Italy and London, I felt the urge to write about it and hopefully advise anyone wanting to get into this hectic lifestyle occupation.

As I am so in love with and wrapped up in the world of photography, I can’t help wondering where it is going. Is there a future for a career in photography with so many talented enthusiasts getting involved? Will video kill the photography star? It didn’t see off the radio after all!

Companies such as Alamy require you to upload 50mb (uncompressed) JPEGs but most modern DSLR’s of around 8-10mp only throw out 10-20mb files. How do you get them to the required size? This short video tutorial by yours truly may help.

During my constant rummaging around the web, I came across this free image viewer software. Curiosity got the better of me and I installed it. To my surprise it is actually pretty good…and fast. It will view my Canon EOS 1D Mark III RAW files in a flash and much faster than anything else I currently have!

The user experience is great as it has all the usual editing and organising functions. When you view images full screen, the 4 menus available are not visible. They only appear when you hover the cursor to the left, right, top or bottom of your screen. Check it out at

So, there you have it...another busy month over and a hectic couple coming up. The nights are drawing in and days are getting shorter. You leave for work in the dark and get home in the dark so what do you shoot over the coming months?

Get a tripod and try some long exposure night photography. Hmm, there’s another idea for a new section coming soon.

Make the most of the weekends and free time and take your camera with you wherever you go and whatever you do but above all, have fun!

See you next month!


Nick - All Things Photography

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