Retro Canvas DSLR Camera Bag

With EVA Protective Case (Green)

Update 2021: This bag is now discontinued. Try these alternatives.

These days, many people don’t want to be seen out and about with expensive camera equipment. Nothing says "rob me" more than a bag or strap that says "Nikon", "Canon" or "Photographer". Check out this canvas DSLR camera bag. have a wide selection of camera, Smartphone and computer bags and cases. They range from your typical photographer’s rucksack through to more contemporary, stylish and practical bags like this one.

Canvas DSLR Camera Bag

The Retro Canvas DSLR camera bag is small but neat and it can hold my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with EF16-35mm 2.8 lens and a Canon Speedlight. Plus it has some handy and surprisingly spacious zipped pockets on the front. These are designed to carry spare batteries, memory cards and will even fit a small snack or two. Click images for larger versions.

Canvas Photographers Bag Full
Canvas Photographers Bag Rear
Canvas Photographers Bag with Smartphone

To give you an idea of size of the front pockets, I am a 6 foot male with average sized hands for my height. I can fit one hand in the pocket without curling my fingers. There you go, we always aim to get the most scientific tests out there for you!

At the back of the bag is a "hidden" pocket with zipper that is designed to hold more flat items. Things such as a Smartphone, credit cards, passport, bank notes or perhaps a map.

The main flap that gives you access to the inside of the bag has two further pockets with Velcro attachments. Again, these are good for flat items such as memory cards. The flap also has two large steel rings that could be used for all manner of things.

Inner Section

Once you lift the flap, the main inner section of the bag is accessible via another zip. The interior has a removable padded bag with two Velcro dividers.

As I said, I can fit a standard DSLR with lens attached plus a speedlight so this bag is great for simply walking around town or on a ramble in the countryside.

Note: I can also slip my ageing Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition) 10" tablet in the back too. Horizontally or vertically..

Canvas Photographers Bag Insert
Canvas DSLR Camera Bag Fig5
Canvas DSLR Camera Bag Fig6

Alternatively, it would fit a smaller bridge camera or Sony NEX-7 for example, with a few lenses, speedlight and accessories. For me, this is a perfect bag for my 3 Go Pro HD Hero cameras including batteries, chargers, cases and accessories. The fact that it has a shoulder strap makes it all the more accessible when out and about.

Inner Bag

Take out the inner padded bag and you have a good looking, handy, all-purpose bag which is great for the beach, general use or whatever!

The shoulder strap is padded for comfort and the overall feel to the bag is good. The canvas feels strong and durable and overall, this is a very good, handy little bag.

At under £30, I would definitely recommend it to those wanting a smaller carry bag for their gear whilst keeping it inconspicuous.

Update 2021: Bag now discontinued.

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