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Newsletter May 2009 Nature Course

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    Wedding Photography Course
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    Nature/Photography course in the New Forest
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    Canon EOS 5D Mark II User Review
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    Canon EOS 5D Mark II Important Firmware Update!
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    Pentax K-7
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    Enduro Africa
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    Data Recovery

Wedding Photography Course

We have a few places left for our next course on wedding photography to be held on Saturday 27th June. If you are interested, please get in touch soon as we are nearing the summer season.

We need to know accommodation requirements: More details here

Nature Photography Course in the New Forest

The recent 2 day nature and photography course was a great success. We are now planning a special nature weekend in October. We hope to have a similar schedule including talks by our resident nature expert as well as shooting macro images of the flora and fauna that's in abundance in the wonderful New Forest.

Newsletter May 2009 Nature Course
https://stagNewsletter May 2009 Nature

However, this time it will (all being well) include "rutting" stags which will mean early starts. However, we hope to teach you how to capture these amazing creatures at their most active time of year. If you are interested, please contact Simon Curson at Project Fred and give your details so we can contact you when the dates are set.

You can see more images from this recent course in our Canon EOS 5D Mark II user review below.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II User Review

Well, I have had a chance to really play with this camera now and quite frankly I love it. Everything about it is as I had hoped for being mainly that they kept the same image quality as the original 5D.

Only they have now made it better: Canon EOS 5D Mark II User Review

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Important Firmware Update!

Canon finally announced on the 27th May 2009 that it will be issuing a firmware update on June 2nd. This will affect the video recording of the camera. They have listened to their consumers feedback and have addressed and improved the following issues that will allow more manual control whilst filming:

  • Full aperture selection
  • ISO Speed settings: Auto, 100 - 6400 and H1
  • Shutter Speed settings: 1/30th - 1/4000th second

All of these will greatly improve workflow. It will also help to maximise the fantastic image quality from the 5D Mark II's HD video capture. After using the video feature for a while, I am sure this update will come as a very welcome addition to all 5D Mark II owners.

You can get the firmware update here after June 2nd 2009.

Pentax K-7

Amazingly and after a relatively dry spell as far as new innovation goes at Pentax, they release the new K-7. They have added HD video thereby beating the mighty Sony to the Image/Video hybrid DSLR! Other improvements closely match those of the other top manufacturers as we head towards a full on multimedia equipped future!

Enduro Africa

We had our training weekend in a wet Wales a couple of weeks ago and I must say it was a blast. I now have a much greater understanding of what I have let myself in for. This isn't going to be a walk in the park!

After hearing tales of high cliffs, sheer drops, rocky rivers, steep hills, wandering cows* and "invisible rocks"*, I am busy preparing myself and getting super fit (lost nearly 3 stone since January).

* One woman "flew" over a crest in the road. She then hit a cow full on, flipped over it and then the cow fell on her breaking a collar bone and a few ribs. The cow survived and the woman spent 3 days in hospital. However, she still managed to ride the final day into Port Elizabeth!

Plus a man I spoke to had his foot low on the pedal whilst riding through some tall grass and it hit a hidden rock. This "bent" his steel toe-capped boot right round and underneath the foot peg. With his toes inside, and at such as angle, it broke a few bones. He bent it back and rode on regardless (and this was after breaking a rib 3 days earlier).

So, if you haven't sponsored me, please do so. I am still short on the minimal funds needed and have a deadline looming! Plus I may need some extra cash for medical bills! All donations go directly to the charities involved and I hope to get some spectacular images out there.

  • You can see more details below and the update is at the bottom of the page: Enduro Africa

EaseUs Data Recovery Software

  • Lost data?
  • Hard drive crash?
  • Formatted memory cards?
  • Partition failure?
  • Virus Attacks?

That's it for this month. The private membership section is coming along nicely and is growing daily so stay tuned. It has sections for all levels from absolute beginner up to professional photographers wanting to make extra money and should be ready mid-summer.

Have a great June!

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