Go Pro WiFi BacPac Review

Operate your Go Pro HD Hero cameras from your wrist or Smartphone!

Go Pro WiFi BacPac Review

Do you own either the Go Pro HD Hero or the newer Go Pro HD Hero 2? Well, you may well like this little addition for your favourite POV (point of view) camera. There are times when you have put your Go Pro in an awkward position to film something spectacular. This makes setting and using the camera quite difficult.

For example, at a recent wedding I shot, I also promised to video certain aspects of the day. This was because of a low budget from the bride and groom (i.e. they couldn't afford a videographer). As well as photographing the event, I also set up 3 HD video cameras but the most useful by far was the Go Pro. You see, I wasn't allowed anywhere near the front of the church at all and that is where a fair chunk of the ceremony was happening.

Go Pro WiFi BacPac Review

Because the Go Pro is so small, I managed to nestle it into the crevices in the church wall so nobody could really see it.

Also, I wanted to ensure the red light flashing didn't disturb anyone or catch their attention during the service. I put some Blu Tak over it.

Now obviously this presented a problem as I wasn't allowed at that part of the church during the entire ceremony so previously, I had to set the camera running long before the service started as people started to enter the church.

This meant that the battery would run low quicker or the SD card may fill quicker depending on how long the ceremony was. This left less room and power to film other parts of the day.

Step in the Go Pro WiFi BacPac

This incredibly handy little addition to the Go Pro made my life so much easier. The silver box above clips easily onto the back of your Go Pro and has its own battery inside plus display showing battery remaining and Wi-Fi connection.

The black box next to it is the main controller.

This can either go in your pocket, on your wrist (using supplied strap) or anywhere you like really. It functions exactly the same as the Go Pro in that you can use it to:

  • Turn the Go Pro on and off (you just need the BacPac switched on, not the Go Pro which saves more power)
  • Change anything in the Go Pro's menu using the small LCD screen
  • Start and stop recording

The unit has a pretty good workable range as long as you are in line of sight or at least with nothing too "heavy" in the way. I have yet to have a problem as long as I am fairly close to the action.

The great thing is that a red light flashes on the remote unit as it does on the Go Pro. Therefore, you know when you are filming. Plus you can see a replica of the Go Pro screen anyway so you can also see how long you have been recording for.

Screen Grab From 720p Footage

Go Pro WiFi BacPac Review

Brilliant! There is (or will be) an app for your Smartphone too. So, not only can you control your Go Pro HD Hero 1 or 2 from your phone (as opposed to the remote), but you can also view the footage real-time AND stream it live to the web! How cool is that?

Brides will be able to stream their wedding live around the world to relatives and friends that couldn’t make it. All using a Go Pro and Smartphone. What a service you can offer if you are a wedding photographer!

If you are not and would like to be, check out our exiting new product for learning wedding photography. Now all of this is just one application where I find the Wi-Fi BacPac for the Go Pro invaluable. Just think how many more areas of photography and videography you could utilise this cool bit of kit for!

If you would like more info or to buy this cool bit of kit, please visit the Go Pro website or Amazon to buy using the links below. We get paid a few pennies for each sale which helps with the maintenance of this site and you don't pay any more. Thank you.

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