Newsletter June 2008

Newsletter June 2008

In the June 2008 Newsletter:

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    The New Wedding Photography Blueprint
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    Earn Money
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    Forum Pearls
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    Maybe a bit of waffle…

Newsletter June 2008: Please accept my apologies…

I haven't put out much of a newsletter for a while now and I feel bad. There is so much going on in the photography world, good and bad, and soon I hope to relay a lot more of this news a lot quicker once this project is done. It's just that this wedding photography project is taking up all of my time.

Note: The "bad" isn't really bad. It's just that when I see cameras evolving with ridiculous features such as smile technology, it makes me mad. I already have that technology in my brain. If I want a photo of someone smiling, I either wait until they smile or I ask them to! Plus, I don't necessarily want photos of people smiling all the time. If I wait until they are smiling, I may miss a once in a lifetime shot…

"…no dear, I didn’t get the plane hitting the World Trade Center, you weren't smiling and the camera wouldn't fire...". Ok, a bit OTT but you see what I mean!

It's all about sales

It has come to a point where each year manufacturers need to continuously "up the ante". This is to entice people to buy their products over their competitors. When technology can’t keep up with marketing, they invent technology for the sake of it. It can also take away the fun and skill of photography at the same time. I am personally getting back to basics and doing my damnedest to switch off as much "auto-schmauto" as I can. Take my time and enjoy it.

(I can't believe I am saying that because as far back as I can remember I have been a fully fledged gadget freak. Maybe I am getting older and wiser)?

Anyway, enough of the soap box stuff, back to this project (it is now called the Wedding Photography Blueprint). I have been hampered lately by viruses on one PC and a complete meltdown (due to a missing .dll?!?!?) on the laptop. This lost me two more weeks. I lost another week when the wife did her epic filming adventure but now I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

I am so excited…

Not so much because this project is nearing completion after so long but because once it is done I will be free! It has taken around 6 month's solid work to get this far and I still have a few weeks to go.

Every day I read all the posts on the ATP forums from the growing list of super friendly members and I am insanely jealous. All I want to do is pick up my camera and go out and play like I used to! I am also inspired every day by images that I see during my research, I now have a million ideas I want to put into place. I want to play with…

  • Night photography
  • Painting with light
  • Extreme lighting
  • Urban portraits
  • Nature photography (now I am in Dorset, the wildlife here is amazing. I am looking to hire a Canon EF 600mm lens for a weekend...nice)
  • The kids!

When I do get to go out on the odd occasion, I take my cameras and video camera everywhere. I now have around 3,000 stock photos to process and upload to stock agencies. I also have around 1,000 video clips to upload to stock video sites.

On top of that, I am flying to Sotogrande in Spain in just over a week to shoot the wedding of a German Baroness's daughter. I need a holiday!

What inspires you? What do you have in your mind that you want to photograph…one day? Do you have any superb images taken recently that you are proud of and want to share? What about shots that you wouldn't mind some help with or receive constructive criticism for?

Anyway, the project…

We are now a few weeks from launching it and have the website pretty much set up. If anyone is interested you can check it out using the link below. We are offering a 30% discount in the first week of sales. Go to the home page and get yourself on our email list for "early birds". That way you will get notified the second we launch.

If you aren't interested in the product itself, maybe you are interested in helping us sell it and earning some money? We are offering 50% commission to anyone with a website, blog, Facebook account. Basically any bit of space on the web you have where you can add a simple link!

Your comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Forum Pearls

To finish up, here are a couple of forum posts that you may find interesting…

First up, this is an interesting thread about choosing a DSLR. Whereas I have seen so many times, a Nikon/Canon war break out when this question is asked, the comments here are much more constructive and helpful.

Forum now finished…

Next is a thread related to the one above. The trials and tribulations of wanting, choosing and eventually buying a DSLR online. Then ending with a lesson on the "crop factor" of prosumer DSLR's...great stuff!

Forum now finished…

So, that's it for now folks, must get on. Have a great couple of weeks and speak again soon,

Nick - ATP

P.s. I am thinking of having a small competition with a cool prize for the best affiliate in the first week of sales for the Wedding Photography Blueprint. So, get on the affiliate list (link removed....affiliate program finished for now)!

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