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ATP Members

ATP Members Private Membership School for All Digital Photographers: Absolute Beginners to Pros!

Come and join our friendly, private members digital photography club and get all this as part of our full membership plan for less than .33c (.20p) per day:

  • ALL of the Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD’s, eBook, interviews and more including over 6 hours of video training - Value £77 ($125)
  • Absolute Beginners Guide to a DSLR (online text, images and more than 3 hours of training videos - Beginners) - eBook Value £29 ($47)
  • DSLR Training (online text, images and more than 3.5 hours of training videos - Beginners/Intermediate) - Offline Course Value £125 ($200)
  • A Complete Guide to Stock Photography (online text, images and over 3.5 hours of training videos) - Offline, 2 Day Course Value £245 ($395)
  • Complete business guide for photographers. Getting your website built and found, making money with your camera! - eBook Value £29 ($47)
  • Quizzes
  • Fresh content updated regularly including interviews with established pros, video tutorials, quizzes, competitions and other areas of photography such as portraits, property, commercial and even learn to shoot and render stock and normal video from your DSLR etc…YOU tell US what YOU want!

ATP Members was built with one purpose, to help you become the best you can be and have fun at the same time. So what will all of this cost bearing in mind the current value of just the courses alone is approximately $800 (£500)?

Please note: You can upgrade from full access to a full access plus membership at any time to get your promo page at ATP but please note that this is for people with a completed website and business that they wish to promote.

Sample Video from DSLR Training

You can see another sample video on shooting landscapes here: Shooting Landscapes with ATP Members...and another here on Camera Settings.


  • Absolute Beginners Training (Text, images and 3 hours of video training)
  • DSLR Training (Text, images and 3.5 hours video training)
  • Wedding Photography Blueprint (Text, images and 6 hours of video training)
  • Stock Photography Training (Text, images and 3.5 hours of video training)
  • The Business of Photography - Online equivalent to our 148 page eBook on running your own successful photography business covering everything from health to wealth!

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Just think...create and sell one decent stock photo after doing our stock photography course and that one photo could pay for your membership every single month. A 6 month membership term would cost you about the same as our Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD’s alone!!!

Good luck and see you on the other side!

Nick Stubbs - ATP Members

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