Newsletter July 2011

Talenthouse (Shoot the Rich and Famous), Lastolite Softboxes, Another ATP Jolly…

Hi all and welcome to the Newsletter July 2011 from ATP.

I hope the summer is being kind to you so far and that the weather is better than it is here! I have been busy shooting weddings over the past few weeks with one or two wet ones. They're good for the soul you know (plus a bit of rain keeps you on your toes).

I have also been on a bit of a shopping spree lately as I am getting more and more into:

  • Off-camera flash
  • Lighting
  • All the accessories that go with it

You can see my thoughts on a couple of recently purchased softboxes and accessories below. We also have another ATP Members jolly organised for September. If the last one was anything to go by, this one should be a corker. See below for more details.

In this month's newsletter:

  1. 1
    Comparing Speedlight Softboxes: The pros and cons (video)
  2. 2
    Lastolite 30" Ezybox Hotshoe Softbox unboxing (video)
  3. 3
    External Speedlight Battery Packs: How to save your money
  4. 4
    Samsung 8GB Micro SD Memory Card is "Indestructible": Or is it? (video)
  5. 5
    ATP Members Walkabout No. 2: Dorset special
  6. 6
    Talenthouse for Photographers: Win the chance to take part in the shoots of a lifetime (cool)!
  7. 7
    Write for ATP: Submit your own articles and galleries to be included at ATP
  8. 8
    Like Us, Tweet Us, Add Us!

1. Speedlight Softbox Comparison: Lastolite 24" Ezybox Hotshoe Vs. Westcott Apollo 28" Softbox

This is not a full review. Just a comparison of two recently purchased softboxes to used with external speedlights. Both do the same job of diffusing light from your flashgun but in quite a different way.

Here is a typical set up using Bowens lights to get a pure white background and Lastolite diffusers on the subject for stock photography:

Newsletter July 2011

…and here is an attempt at shooting a self portrait for stock using this set up:

Newsletter July 2011 Camera Phone

2. Lastolite 30" Ezybox Hotshoe

Unboxing and set up of the largest Lastolite Ezybox on offer…the 30" speedlight softbox. After learning of the issues with the Westcott Apollo in the last video, I sent it back and ordered the Lastolite 30" Ezybox, this is just to show its unboxing and set up…

3. Review Pixel Pro External Battery Packs

How did I ever work without these at weddings when using flash? The extra power and confidence that these give make the price pale into insignificance!

4. Review of the New, Robust, Samsung Memory Card 8GB for Memory Card Zoo 

This is the type of card that you may use in your mobile phone so here is a quick test to see just how tough this tiny card is. Please excuse the craziness of the video. I was feeling a little unwell as a nasty cold started to set in!

5. ATP Members Day Dorset Weekend Walkabout

We have seen a number of new photographers joining ATP over at ATP Members. There have also been a lot more impressive galleries being uploaded as our members really start to improve. To celebrate this (and because the last walkabout was so good), we are having another meet/walkabout/photo weekend for all full access members in September. We have a couple of slots left for anyone who is interested.

You must be a member to join in. However, all attendees only have to pay for two nights' accommodation (£30 per person per night) and approximately £15-£20 towards the 17-seater minibus that will carry us all around.

We are planning a few locations and shoots including:

  • Sunrise shots at Durdle Door in Dorset
  • A portrait shoot at the lighthouse in Portland
  • Maybe a shoot of a local windsurfer on the beach

On top of that, we may well have one of our famous nights out at Enzo’s on Saturday. This is the Italian restaurant on Weymouth sea front.

If you are interested in attending, I think we have 2-3 spots left. Why not head over to ATP Members now, sign up and join in!

6. Talenthouse: Wanna Shoot the Rich and Famous?

If you have been looking for ways to break into the big time as a photographer or at the very least, have the opportunity to work with some big shot professionals, now is your chance.

Talenthouse, with the help of All Things Photography, are looking for photographers to submit work. You'll have the chance of photographing some extraordinary people and events. This could be the chance you have been waiting for to give your portfolio a massive leap forward!

Check out the link below for more details and please, +1 the page with Google (using the link at the bottom of the page). Also share it with Facebook and Tweet it to your friends. Most importantly, get involved!

Talenthouse - How to Shoot the Rich and Famous – Link removed, offer now ended

7. Write your own review/article for ATP

Recently, one of our members over at returned from a fantastic safari trip to Africa. She had written a short account of this once in a lifetime photography vacation and supplied me with a few shots taken whilst there.

If you have a similar story that you can write exclusively for ATP and supply images to go with that story, please get in touch. We would love to publish your adventures and imagery on the site!

8. Like, Tweet, Add our Newsletter July 2011

We have recently added a new toolbar to every page at All Things Photography. If you like what you see on any page or have a favourite section of the site that you always refer to, please help us by adding a +1 at Google, sharing it with your Facebook crowd or Tweeting us to your followers. We would very much appreciate it!

You can also see all of our videos uploaded to YouTube (some serious, some not) as well as latest blog posts etc. This is something very new that we hope to add to and make more of in the future. So thanks for reading this latest newsletter, I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. As with the last point above, please feel free to "socialise" and share this newsletter with your friends etc.

All the best and have a great summer break if you are lucky enough to be having one and I will see you again in the August issue.

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