Samsung Micro SD Memory Cards

Waterproof, Shockproof, Dustproof, Magnet/X-ray Proof...Tough!

I was recently sent one of the new Samsung Micro SD Memory Cards from Memory Card Zoo. They asked me to test it for them. I was told that it was (almost) indestructible in that it was waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and Magnetic proof. In fact here is a summary of its features:

  1. 1
    Compatible with all SDHC labelled devices
  2. 2
    Magnetic and X-ray safe
  3. 3
    Shock Proof
  4. 4
    EMC coating - Water and Dust Proof
  5. 5
    Soft Rubber Casing
  6. 6
    Ideal for digital cameras, GPS, etc
  7. 7
    5year limited warranty

I think with tongue-in-cheek, they asked me to test it to I did!

I use cards of this size in my phone and, in the past, my old Contour HD. To be honest, the card did everything it should by way of recording footage and images with no problems. As far as my (quick and unscientific) tests show in the video below, it is indeed waterproof, dustproof and as tough as they say.

…although I did manage to break it in the end but you will need to watch the video to see how!

Click to play

Samsung Micro SD Memory Cards: Small yet powerful

It is amazing how small and powerful memory cards are becoming these days. I can even use this card in my professional Sony PMW EX1 using the supplied SD adapter. However, I fear that the class 4 would not be able to keep up with the minimum 25-35 mb/s bit rate needed for the Sony.

I have found this to be the case in the past with Class 4 cards when over or under-cranking the footage (slow or quick motion). They struggled to maintain the required speeds. I would though, have no hesitation in buying a few of these cards for my mobile phone and Contour HD . I was truly impressed by its robustness and delivery.

These micro SD cards come highly recommended, and at a price of just £10.50 or lower too:

Digital Camera Essentials Editor's Choice

"Picking up the Editors Choice, the notable features include the 5/10 year warranty (depending on card type) and the amazing levels of durability, being water, magnet, and shock proof. A new standard in memory cards has definitely been created."

This card also comes in 2gb and 4gb versions and you can buy it direct from Amazon here: Samsung Micro SD Memory Cards

Note: Card up to 512GB (at the time of writing) are also available.

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