Newsletter July 2007

Welcome to this, our first ever newsletter at All Things Photography

The site is now 2 and a half years old with a huge and ever growing readership so I thought it was a good time to start this newsletter. I expect the first few issues to be fairly short as for now I am still a full time, working wedding, stock and commercial photographer and I am in the middle of the hectic season.

I am however, very excited about the coming months as once the season is over, I am devoting my entire time to the website. Maybe just shooting one or two weddings a month next season. Keeping in with tradition, the site is still and will always remain free for most of its content (as long as I can keep feeding my hungry kids)! I have some huge ideas for the future and will start implementing them very soon.

This month's Newsletter July 2007:

  1. 1
    Keeping cool at weddings (and I don't mean the weather)!
  2. 2
    Monthly "Quickie" Photoshop Tutorial
  3. 3
    Kevin Kubota and his handy Action Sets
  4. 4
    Content 2.0 - Have your say...soon
  5. 5
    Survey. Who are you?
  6. 6
    Always be ready to run and shoot
  7. 7
    How did you shoot that photo?

Read on...

1. Keeping your cool. Sometimes you come across difficult clients at a wedding and if you are spending the entire day with them it is important to stay calm and be professional at all times…more.

2. We are going to be starting a whole new Photoshop section at All Things Photography, some simple and some more advanced. For now, I am going to include a quick, simple and handy tutorial in each newsletter edition…more.

3. Kevin Kubota Workshops. Do you regularly use Photoshop for your clients' images, or even for your own photos? If so, check out Kevin Kubota's Workshops and Tools. The combination of possible alterations is endless and you can let your creativity run wild. We have now added more information and a short video tutorial sample…more.

4. Content 2.0. This is a new feature that we will hopefully be adding to All Things Photography in the near future. It will allow you to register and add your own comments or images to select areas of the website. We want you all to become more active members and add more variety and opinions than just our own!

5. Short Survey. In order to make these newsletters and indeed, the entire site better, we would appreciate your telling us a little bit about yourself. That way we can gauge what level you are at, what kit you use and where you want to go with your photography…(survey ended).

6. Always stay Alert! Even when I have no work on, I always have the camera ready, batteries charged, in the bag and ready to go because you never know what may happen next…article.

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed our first small newsletter! Your comments would be more than welcome.

See you next issue!

Nick - All Things Photography

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