July 23, 2012

Julia’s House Summer Party in the Sun

A Great Day Out at the Orangery Suite and Gardens, Dorset

Fire Poi at Summer Party

The wonderful people at Julia's House Children's Hospice in Dorset put on another fantastic day out for the kids and their families yesterday. The annual Julia's House Summer Party was held at The Orangery Suite in Wimborne, Dorset...an amazing venue for anything including weddings.

Amongst other things, a cool "sensory" gazebo was available for the children in the stunning garden. The staff decorated everything with bright, colourful toys and plenty to see and do.

As well as the sensory area, there was:

  1. 1
    Hog Roast BBQ and drinks
  2. 2
    Huge marquee with arts, crafts and live music throughout the day
  3. 3
    Crazy golf course
  4. 4
    Large bouncy castle
  5. 5
    Volleyball for the older kids
  6. 6
    A cute white pony as well as snakes, lizards and guinea pigs
  7. 7
    Bubble machine
  8. 8
    Magic and juggling shows
  9. 9
    All finished off with a brilliant fire poi display by Simon Chainey
  10. 10
    Oh…and FREE Ice Cream!!!

They packed so much into the three hours during which time I took countless photos of the kids and their families. I have been asked not to display the images of people but have added some generic shots below.

It was great fun interacting with the children and seeing the excited and happy expressions on their faces. I had so much fun I almost forgot why I was there!

These photos were taken before things started in order show the whole set up.

About Julia's House

Julia's House is a wonderful organisation doing amazing things for these children and their families. They clearly love what they do. I am hopefully shooting another summer barn dance in August at the home of the famous Dorset author Minette Walters.

This is only the second time I have worked with Julia's House. However, I already recognised and chatted with one or two of the kids I had met before as they were also interested in photography.

I'm not sure how long it takes (if ever) to get used to seeing these incredible kids and their amazing families but once again, on the way home I kind of fell apart. In conclusion, it was a very humbling experience at the Julia's House Summer Party.

Note: All Images Strictly Copyright and Not to be Copied or Used Elsewhere (Thanks)

Stunning Garden at Julia's House
Julias House Summer Party
Stunning Garden at Julia's House
Fire Poi at Julia's House
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Julias House

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