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Go Pro Hero Frame Review

Go Pro Hero Frame: If you owned the Go Pro HD Hero 2, you probably bought or at least heard about the skeleton housing that was, and still is, available as an additional extra. This housing allows you to protect the camera whilst being able to run cables to and from the body. Of course, you lose the waterproof functionality of the housing this way but it is a very handy accessory to have.

I use this quite a bit with the Hero 2. So when the Go Pro HD Hero 3 came out, I immediately began searching for a skeleton housing. On occasions, I like to use external microphones and connectivity to battery supplies etc. However, I was disappointed at the time of buying, to learn that Go Pro did not make them for this model (yet).

What they did make though, was a new style workaround called The Frame.

Go Pro Hero Frame Review

This is a rather cheap looking strip of plastic (that is actually expensive for what it is). The Frame surrounds the Go Pro 3/4 and has a hole on one side to allow the input of:

  • A microphone
  • External battery
  • USB connection

What it doesn't really offer is any kind of protection should you drop the unit. A plus point is that with the Go Pro 3 having such improved sound, The Frame has built in microphone covers. These still allow sound to penetrate the camera well.

How Much?

At the price of a whopping £40, I think this is seriously overpriced. However, for me, the Frame was unfortunately a necessity. Because I use this camera professionally on occasion, I am able to claim the expense back through my business. For hobbyists though, this may be a bit rich as a simple accessory and who can blame them.

Come on Go Pro, play fair!

Anyway, price aside, the kit actually comes with two Frames. One for just the camera and one for the camera and battery pack attached so that may ease the pain a little. You also get a handy lens cap for when you are not filming which is a good idea considering the camera is effectively bare and outside its usual protective casing.

Places I will Use The Frame

Wedding Videography

For me as a wedding photographer and videographer, the most obvious use would be to film aspects of a wedding. In fact I used it for just that 5 days ago at a castle wedding.

I like to keep the camera out of its standard casing to utilise the great microphone. Even though I won't necessarily use the sound from the Go Pro, having good, accessible sound makes it easier to align clips. Both from the Go Pro with those from my Sony PMW EX1 pro grade video camera from which I will use the sound using professional mics.

Occasional Blogging

Again, for a quick blog entry or review, the quality of footage and sound from the Go Pro HD Hero 3 when using The Frame, is good enough for general video work to be used on the internet.

I think many bloggers would find this set up useful as it has such a small "footprint" and is simple to use with tons of features.

General Family Use

Having The Frame attached to the Go Pro and then both attached to either a small monopod, extension pole or Gorilla Pod, I am able to use the camera for filming my family on days out. Whilst knowing I will also be capturing great sound all in a tiny camera.

Go Pro HD Hero 3 Skeleton Housing

It was only a couple of weeks after ordering The Frame that Go Pro brought out the skeleton housing for the Hero 3. I am gutted as it will do most things that The Frame will do plus give it extra protection! It is £10 more than The Frame at £49.99 (again, well overpriced) but in my opinion, better.

There is only one time I would find The Frame better use than the skeleton housing. That is if I wanted quick access to the battery for changing during a shoot. You need to undo the skeleton housing to access the battery which could waste valuable time.

Anyway, I will definitely be taking the Go Pro HD Hero 3, The Frame, extra Wasabi batteries and the Anker 5600 battery pack on holiday with me. Good to know I have enough power to last at least a full day!

Where to Buy

You can buy The Frame online either through Go Pro direct or through Amazon:

...and the skeleton housing through Go Pro only at present:

Note: I am an affiliate for Amazon meaning that should you buy through the above links, I get a small commission which helps run and maintain this site. You pay no extra. Many thanks.

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