General Purpose Lens for Weddings and Concerts

Best lens for shooting weddings and gigs?

General Purpose Lens for Weddings and Concerts



I want to buy either a telephoto or zoom lens for my Canon SLR. It is for the purpose of a wedding I will be attending and also a music gig I will be shooting. I'm looking at the Canon EF 100-300mm f4, 5-5.6 USM. Is this an appropriate lens or do you have any suggestions??


If you are looking at a general purpose lens for a wedding, the 100-300 is way too big. Especially when you add the crop factor of the 20D or similar cameras.

Do you already have a wider lens such as the EF18-135 USM, EF17-55 or EF17-85? If so, this 100-300 is great as a second lens for candid and reportage shots. It is also good for concerts but the maximum aperture might hold you back a bit.

I always say go for quality. Save for an "L" lens with constant F2.8 throughout the zoom range. This is perfect for dark churches and concerts but if this is out of budget for now, look at the wider lenses I mention above.

Below is a link to Canons Lens section. Have a good read, work out your budget and get the best you can afford.

Pay particular attention to the EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM. It may just be the answer to your dreams...but at a cost!

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