February 8, 2007

Free Wedding Photography Tips + 1D Mark III

Wedding Photography Tips Section 

Free Wedding Photography Tips

It has taken a while to write and put together, but I've finally finished the NEW and free Wedding Photography Tips section. If you are looking to start out in wedding photography, this would be a great place to start.

When I shot my first wedding circa 1985, there was no internet or anything really to learn from. I gained my experience working as an apprentice for a local, well known photographer Eddie Clapson at around 17 years old.

Anyone who is now getting into this business really has it easy. You have all you need at your fingertips to learn as much as you want. Now all you need to do is read, study and practice.

What's Inside the Free Wedding Photography Tips?

There are over 80 pages of useful hints, tips and resources for you to read and learn from…for FREE!

These pages include everything you will need to know before shooting your first wedding including;

  • Getting Clients - No clients, no business!
  • Meeting the Clients - What to wear, how to act
  • Preparation - This is one of the most important aspects
  • Shooting on the Day - Stay well but have a back up plan
  • Processing - Yawwwwwwn. Got to be done
  • Marketing - I personally love this part
  • Pricing - A tough one to get right
  • Gallery - Wedding photos funnily enough

...and much more…

I hope you like the new section and please feel free to leave your comments at the end: Wedding Photography Tips

A Worthy Upgrade to the EOS 1D Mark II

Superb wedding photography camera too...

Canon EOS 1DS Mark III

Canon have yesterday pre-announced the latest offering from their professional 1-series of DSLR's

The new Canon EOS 1D Mark III has a whole host of new and fantastic features that has got me reaching for the ads section of our local paper to sell my 1D Mark II in order to upgrade.

Large, 3 inch LCD screen with real time viewing...10.1 MP and a blistering 10 FPS (frames per second) continuous shutter speed.

Plus 6400 ISO with a new Digic III "noise a** kicking" sensor!!!!

Read more here: Canon EOS 1D Mark III preview

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