January 13, 2007

Buying Photo Gear Online

Where is the best place for buying photo gear online?

The holiday season is over and I decided that 3 weeks is too long to be away from my work.

After a long but enjoyable trip to the UK to visit family, I returned to a barrage of emails. Wedding quote requests, villa shoots to prepare for, emails and other general enquiries. Plus the very welcome emails and comments that I receive from the readers at All Things Photography.

There was one lesson that I learned during my annual trip to the homestead. Whilst it is nice to browse around the shops, there is personally better way to shop other than online. We are quite limited here in Spain with regards to buying anything that is slightly "non-consumer" or high end.

Therefore,  I was looking forward to checking out the stores in England.

Is Buying Photo Gear Online Safe?

Over the past two years, all of my professional camera gear has been bought over the internet. Bought safe in the knowledge that I will get the goods that I want and receive them in good time. Plus they would be in perfect condition with a safe and secure transaction. I sometimes miss the interaction though, and ability to actually touch the goods so off to the shops I went.

Buying Cameras Online

I spent ages dragging my poor wife and kids around 3 or 4 different towns. All the time looking for a High Def video camera that was released in the States 6 months ago. Also, I was looking for Blu Ray 25/50GB disks to go with my laptop to hold masses of wedding images. Could I find them?


It became very apparent that my constant "research" online (or time-wasting/window(s) shopping/browsing/drooling/day-dreaming as my wife often calls it) has led me to believe that these goods are readily available in the shops.


Amazon is My Favourite Online Store by Far!

On my return I actually found, and safely ordered everything I was looking for online within minutes. Note: In most cases you are insured by the provider or payment processor so all is safe.

Even though I didn't get to touch or try the goods, there is still an element of excitement and anticipation. It can be like Christmas as you eagerly await their arrival!

Yes, I am 40 this year and still get that feeling!

This year I am lucky enough to be shooting weddings in some amazing places:

I am currently writing a free eBook on wedding photography that I will add to the site soon. Work keeps getting in the way but please keep checking back.

Here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2007 for all and I wish you all the best with your photography.

When buying photo gear online, I would heartily recommend:

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