Newsletter February 2008

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Newsletter February 2008

Newsletter February 2008: Ouch! I missed the Focus on Imaging event in Birmingham. I'm devastated (well a little bit)! I even had a photographer friend call me from the show to see if I was there and I wasn't. Actually, I was sitting at my PC as always it seems!

I've been so busy lately that I just didn't have the time to attend. If anyone did go to the show I would be grateful for any short reviews or comments covering things such as…

  • What were your general thoughts on the overall event?
  • How did you deal with the crowds? Did you manage to get a look in at most of the displays etc?
  • What did you think of the suppliers and products on show?
  • What did you personally take away from the event? Do you feel that you learned something?
  • Would you go again next year?

I aim to attend many of these shows from now on but really must organise my time better. This month I have been:

  1. 1
    Booking flights and car hire for weddings in Spain later this year
  2. 2
    Meeting past clients and putting albums together
  3. 3
    More importantly, getting All Things Photography moved over to V3.0 (more on that later)

My apologies to everyone but this has to be a relatively short newsletter this month as time is short. I am just happy that it is a leap year and I have an extra day to write it!

DSLR Course

We now have just 3 places left for this one day course on the "ins and outs" of the Digital SLR. If you own one of these cameras and are still a bit "flummoxed" by all the buttons and features, this short course is designed to alleviate that stress. Once you have the camera sussed, you can concentrate more on what you shoot rather than how you shoot it and your photography will improve no end.

For more details, go to: DSLR Beginners Course

Wedding Photography Courses

Well, I got my first UK wedding photography course under my belt after leaving Spain. By all accounts it was a complete success. We had a full house the afternoon and night before, and all went out for a lovely meal at the local Italian restaurant in the evening. We talked about, what, and got to know each other a little before the course!

The next day was intensive and enjoyable and some of the attendees have left testimonials for you to read here:

The next course is a little special and I haven't even announced it yet but already there are just 3 places left! If you are interested in attending, please check out the details here:

…and get in touch for more information.

Thanks to all attendees for making the day a pleasure to teach!

New Look and Feel

Now, you may have noticed that we are implementing a new look and feel to All Things Photography!

The idea is for the site to be more accessible and easily navigated from any section within its pages. I am having to move over, update and improve each of the sites 750+ pages myself so please bear with me as I do this. The majority of the site will be moved over at once in a few weeks.

The forums are not currently active but we hope to have those up and running when we make the change. You will also have the opportunity to add your own comments, tips and suggestions to various parts of the site as in the testimonials page above.

The aim is to make ATP more user-friendly and to give its readers the chance to offer feedback and interactivity. We also hope to have a reader's gallery section where you can upload your own images, have them critiqued and leave comments on other reader's work.

"It's the Quickening!" - (Highlander 1986)

Crazy Newsletter February 2008 News

Are you after a cheap, small, lightweight and compact 200-500mm zoom lens with constant F2.8 aperture? Something to use on your second "stealth/reportage" camera at weddings? Well, sadly it doesn't exist but Sigma has kindly unleashed this monster on the world:

Sigma 200-500mm F2.8 Lens

Nothing "Stealth" about that. I would think that if you produce that at a wedding, you may be shot down by an F1-11!

How about a cheap panoramic camera and viewer?

Ok, I am quite obviously "filling" now so I will have to leave it at that and get on with updating the website. Once again, apologies for the nature of this month's newsletter but hopefully next month will see the arrival of V3.0.

All the best and thanks for reading...we're getting there!

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