DJI Osmo and X5 Camera Review

The DJI X5 Osmo Adapter Arrives in Time for a Full Review

DJI Osmo and X5 Camera Review

Watch on YouTube: DJI Osmo X5 Review

Edit for video: The Osmo handle WILL work with the X3 camera from the Inspire 1 as long as you have made the relevant firmware upgrades. Check the DJI Osmo page for details.

Finally! The X5 Adapter for the DJI Osmo arrived along with my Osmo handle kit, car mount and various other bits and pieces. Before taking it out, I thought I would give a full review of how to set the X5 camera and Osmo up along with everything else.

In the video review above, the sample footage starts at just after 24 minutes if you want to skip the review (sob). Please note it has been graded (because I wanted to) and downsized from 4K to 1080p and is not straight from camera. The footage from the DJI X5 camera is superb…

Kit used in video

This set up is super cool! I got a lot of looks whilst walking around town with a few people asking about it. I got even more looks when it was attached to the car. Maybe people thought I was either from Google or I was an undercover traffic cop : )

DJI Osmo Car Mount

The footage obtained is amazing although it does take a bit of practice when walking and filming with the Osmo. I did find that if you hold the Osmo down below your waist (and press the trigger twice to realign), I got much steadier footage as my extended arm acted like an additional axis better than when held up and in front.

Should you buy a DJI Osmo?

If you have the budget and think you will use it, absolutely and the X5 camera is a great compliment. It is way better than the X3 camera but even that produces pretty good quality footage.

I have shown this Osmo/X5 set up to some clients already and explained the usefulness and applications it can be used for. We are already talking about new projects! It is great for corporate videos as well as full on film-making but if you are on a tight budget, perhaps look at the Go Pro HD Hero 4 and Feiyu-Tech G3 Ultra Gimbal set up or the HD Hero 4 and Zhiyun Z1 Rider 2 Gimbal combination.

Me…I love it!

Update 2018: I have now updated the camera to the amazing DJI X5R. This is a beast of a camera shooting RAW video at bits rates of up to 2.4gbps. That is as opposed to the X5's 60mbps. It is completely overkill for most people as the X5 shoots incredible footage. I have bought the X5R for a Netflix shoot that requires RAW footage. Processing takes a lifetime due to huge file sizes but the footage is bonkers good : )

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