Newsletter December 2008

Well, it seems like just yesterday that we arrived back in the UK from Spain, I cannot believe how quick this year has gone but what a year it has been. We have moved house 3 times in the last 12 months…crazy! Welcome to our Newsletter December 2008.

Newsletter December 2008
Newsletter December 2008

In this Newsletter:

  • ATP goes "Out of Africa"
  • Wedding Photography Course
  • DSLR Beginners Course January
  • New: Nature/Photography courses in the New Forest
  • Stock Photography Courses
  • Seeing RED
  • Tis the Season to be Jolly!

Anyway, this year has seen some cool new additions and steps forward in the ever changing world of photography. After the release of the Nikon D90 (with video) came Canon's response with the EOS 5D Mark II. Now, big old Red has come along and "duffed up" both Nikon and Canon, stolen their pocket money and given them a good "towel-whipping" in the showers with the Epic-Scarlet combination. See more on that later.

Enduro Africa

As some of you may or may not know I have always been into motorbikes. I sold my last one when my wife was pregnant with our first child 6 years ago. I haven't been on one since.

However, I was watching "Long Way Down" with Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boardman the other day. This is where they motorcycle across Africa as well as other places/continents. I said to my wife (as I do every time I watch it) "I would LOVE to do that". The thrill, the photo opportunities, meeting different and diverse cultures, making a difference...

This time though she handed me the Sunday Times with an ad that read:

"Enduro Africa is a journey (off road for 2000km) that will change your life forever and help some of Africa’s most desperate people. It's an adventure you will never forget and an experience you won't want to end"

Needless to say, despite it being late on a Sunday evening, I called and left my message. The next day I called again and happily got accepted to take part (after I had sent my £500 registration fee/1st dollop of sponsorship)! This will be my chance to give something back and actually see the charity money in action as I go.

Sponsor Me...Please!

Now all I am looking for (all!?!?) is £5000 sponsorship!!! This is where I need your help. If you have ever found the free info at ATP to be of any use, or if it has helped you in any way whatsoever, maybe now you could "pass it on".

Not to me, but to people that are far more deserving and needy than most of us will ever know.

To ensure that you don't think I am asking for donations just to pay for my "jolly" across Africa, I will be stumping up the first £5000 by doing loads of fund raising things over the next 10 months. As I said, I want to make it to £10,000 so any and all donations from ATP readers or anyone else will go directly to the charities. In full.

More on this…

Or, for one week only starting December 3rd, I will kick things off by selling the Wedding Photography Blueprint for just$100. This is opposed to the regular $295 so this could make a great Christmas present for any budding wedding photographers out there.

Remember, all the proceeds (after deducting delivery charges or affiliate payments) will go to the charity fund, nothing to me. I will let you know when this is released via an email on the 3rd December. If you are reading this directly from All Things Photography, you can sign up to our newsletter here: ATP Newsletter

Note: Because this $100 is, in effect, a charitable donation, the 30 day money back guarantee will not apply to this offer.

Wedding Photography Course

Still places left for this Saturday if you are quick: Wedding Photography Course

DSLR Beginners Course January

After a few requests, I have added another date for our DSLR Beginners course on the 10th January 2009. Perfect timing for all those people lucky enough to get a DSLR for Christmas. Who then a couple of weeks later find themselves scratching their heads about how to get the most out of it.

Maybe it would be a great complimentary gift to someone you are thinking of buying a DSLR for?

DSLR Course for Beginners

Go wild in the Country - Nature/Photography courses in the New Forest

This is going to be fun! I have teamed up with a veritable nature and wildlife expert in the New Forest in southern England to start up a new combined nature/photography course. We plan for this to be a two day course which will cover everything including:

  • Walks in well established areas well known for plenty of things to see and photograph
  • What to look out for and when (e.g. Rutting Stags in October)
  • The chance to spot rare and exciting natural flora and fauna
  • Macro photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Relaxed, leisurely paced walks with plenty of time for learning and shooting
  • Image enhancement training in the classroom
  • Country Pub Lunches!

If you are interested, could you please complete the short form/questionnaire at the bottom of this page (form now removed as course no longer running). This will give us an indication of numbers interested and we expect to have 12 people per weekend/class/course. The first course date expected to be around May 2009.

We will notify you through the newsletter when these courses start.

Taking Stock

Typically at this "quieter" time of year I take time out to process and upload all the thousands of stock images I have taken throughout the year. It still surprises me that pretty much the day they are accepted, many start selling immediately.

I find stock photography one of the most rewarding experiences in my photography career. For one, it encourages me to get out and about to places I wouldn't normally go. It makes me actually study things in more detail before shooting and it makes me concentrate so much harder on processing the images to the best they can be. Having your images rejected can be tough.

I have been asked by a few people about starting a course to cover All Things Stock Photography (like the name? Very original ; ). In the course we aim to cover:

  • Equipment needed
  • What to shoot, what NOT to shoot and why
  • How to process your images for maximum affect and "sale-ability"
  • Where to upload and where NOT to upload
  • How to get accepted into stock agencies first time
  • Financial outlay and gain

If you are looking to get into shooting stock, it is easier than you think. If you would like to attend a course here in Dorset, please show your interest by getting in touch. Shooting and uploading stock costs barely anything but could slowly create a very healthy and residual income for years if done right!

"Right" said RED

Now, you may or may not have heard of RED. I mentioned them a few times when I was first made aware of their presence in the photography/videography world a couple of years ago. They are now taking the (photography) world by storm.

I have always maintained that photo and video would merge. Even though Canon and Nikon have made this quite clear lately, RED have taken it oh so much further!

Fancy a camera set up with over 1 million combinations and bolt on, upgradeable applications meaning it is future proofed? Even more reason for me to pull my finger out and get on with starting the video section of ATP.

Read More…


I love Christmas, even more so since my kids were born and even more so again now that we are back in the UK permanently. It is nice not having to pack and fly to the UK for just a few days. Then do it all back again with even more luggage on the return journey.

Anyway, no real reason for this particular entry other than to say I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant, happy, safe and prosperous 2009.

Also, thank you to all the people that have taken time out to write in to us over the past year expressing thanks and gratitude. It makes maintaining the site that much more enjoyable.

Here's to you all and a great time over the holidays!

- Nick Stubbs

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