Macro Commercial Work

Another Happy Commercial Photography Client

Post updated January 2018: Quote in haste, repent at your leisure…almost. I just had some great feedback from my latest photography client for some macro commercial work. Work that I thought would be easier than it was.

The spec was to shoot very small medical drill bits. They wanted photos at a high standard to match the white, clinical and precise nature of their medical equipment business.

The cost agreed (with the company owner) was for one day but in reality, it took nearly two. Most of one day for the actual shoot and another full day for editing. This was because there were many shots taken and to get a 255/255/255 pure white background on all took time.

Macro Commercial Work

White backgrounds have played a large part in my stock photography so even though it took time, it was doable. However, what I didn't expect was a certain degree of "snow blindness" once I had finished editing and scrutinising all those pure whites!

When you first hear the specs for a commercial shoot, think hard about what it really entails. Think before you rush to try and get the job by selling yourself short. In hindsight I should have charged a little more for this job but myself and the client are happy so all's well. Plus I may get more work in the future.

Edit 2017: I received three further jobs from this company so take heed!

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