December 1, 2010

Adobe Photoshop Autoloader

Save time in Photoshop with Photoshop Autoloader

Photoshop Autoloader

Update July 2021: Unbelievably, 11 years after writing this, there is still no better solution for image automation than Adobe Photoshop Autoloader

Imagine you regularly shoot weddings. Say 30 a year at 1000 photos per wedding over 11 years. If you had bought Autoloader back then, you could have saved approximately 880 hours processing time and more than £40,000 worth of your time. How did I work that out? Read the review below.

Adobe Photoshop Autoloader Review: If you regularly use Adobe Photoshop to process and edit large batches of images for say:

  • A wedding shoot
  • Large portrait sessions
  • Events etc

Photoshop Autoloader from Mike D's workshop may be just what you are looking for! Think about just how much time you waste doing certain, time-intensive tasks in Photoshop. Then read our review to see just how good Photoshop Autoloader really is and how much time it can save.

Time Better Spent

I have used Autoloader for a couple of years now and couldn't live without it. Edit 2021: Read my update in the red box above!!

Autoloader shaves hours, yes, hours off my processing time using its super fast, super intuitive interface. The old process I used to slog through in Photoshop was:

  1. 1
    Import image
  2. 2
    Edit image
  3. 3
    Save image in new folder
  4. 4
    Open new image and so on...

Using Adobe Photoshop Autoloader, I can now simply set all the automated parameters prior to editing. Then during my entire editing process, I can do all of the above with just one click.

Check out our review... see what it can do for you. Time is money and this will save you bags of it. I've used this for years and love it!

Can't wait?

Buy Autoloader below, load it into Photoshop (easy) and get editing right away. You will be glad you did:

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