Go Pro HD Hero Camera Comparison

How much have these little point of view cameras changed over the years?

Post updated January 2018: I've been a big fan of Go Pro cameras since I bought my first HD Hero a few years ago. I have bough each upgrade on release because I know how good they are and how they will work for me. But why do a Go Pro comparison of all four HD Hero's?

Well, I use Go Pro cameras for my work and a lot of the time for fun with the family. They are so versatile I think just about anyone could find a fun or professional use for them. After all, Top Gear use them on their shows.

In fact, next time you watch TV, see if you can spot a Go Pro camera in any of the shows. For example, "I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here" use them for all their challenges both underwater and airbourne.

Go Pro Comparison of the HD Hero 1, 2, 3 and 4

So just for fun, I thought I would line up the full range of HD Hero cameras from Go Pro. Maybe this will entice you into the wonderful world of small action cameras: HD Hero 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I wanted to see how they all compared to each other. What improvements have been made since the original HD Hero point of view, wearable camera.

I love them all and saw a huge improvement in image quality from the original HD Hero to the HD Hero 2 and a massive improvement in sound from the HD Hero 2 to the HD Hero 3.

Nothing more than that, just a simple test to see how the Go Pro range of cameras have changed over the years. I wonder how far they still have to go!

Update 2018: I now have the Go Pro HD Hero 5 and the HD Hero 6 has been released so that is on my shopping list. Check them out below along with reviews of the HD Hero 3 and 4:

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