Drift Car Shoot in Weymouth

Great Weather for a Drift Car Shoot in Weymouth!

Finally the weather broke today meaning I could get this drift car shoot done. The evening was perfect. We had a fantastic sunset during which time we took a bunch of shots at Bowleaze Cove in Weymouth. After that, we headed off down to the harbour for some night shots.

The white balance was a nightmare for the harbour shot. I needed a long exposure of 25 seconds for the ambient light which came out a deep and disgusting yellow from the street lights. A small aperture was necessary for the flash and good depth of field giving me an ISO of 400. I also used a torch to help with lighting the underside of the car and the wheels.

James, the mechanic in the photo, built the car himself and raced it at Mallory Park last month. These photos are to go on the walls of his local garage.

Jo Tunney, a member of All Things Photography (who is also on a one day course with me today) came out on the shoot too. Great fun!

This job came about simply by talking with James and letting him know what I do. Over time, you build a rapport and trust with people and who knows where it all ends.

Whoever you speak to, let them know what you do and how you are always open to new ideas.


Drift Car Shoot in Weymouth
Drift Car Shoot in Weymouth
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