Canon EOS M50 II

The Long Awaited Upgrade to the EOS M50...But Why Bother Canon?

Canon EOS M50 II

The Canon M50 Mark II is the successor to the very popular M50 which was a favourite mirrorless camera for many. However, the updated M50 II is somewhat of a disappointment with very minimal upgrades. Also, the new Canon EOS M50 II won't be available in various regions on launch including Europe, the Middle East and Africa!

How bizarre. Canon's long-awaited update falls incredibly short of the specs that people were hoping for when reading the rumours. So here are the specs announced for the EOS M50 II.

Canon EOS M50 II Specs

  • Price (body only) - $599 (£460)
  • 24.1MP CMOS sensor (same as M50)
  • Digic 8 Processor (same as M50)
  • 4K Video (with 1.6x crop)
  • No Dual Pixel Autofocus in 4K
  • Improved Autofocus
  • Eye AF for video and stills
  • Wireless Streaming through YouTube (Zoom Cam)

That's about it for the Canon EOS M50 II! In fact I am not even going to waste any more time on this camera. I have already broken my long-standing rule of only reviewing cameras that I like, use myself or would recommend to others.

If you own the original Canon EOS M50, I definitely wouldn't recommend upgrading. If you don't yet own a mirrorless camera but are in the market, maybe go for it. However, there are better cameras out there such as the:

Panasonic are one of my favourite camera manufacturers and Olympus are the people that got me into photography in the 1980's with the Olympus OM-1. Classic camera!

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