Which Printing Paper for Weddings

Which Printing Paper for Weddings Do I Use?

Which Printing Paper for Weddings


What kind of photo paper would you recommend for high quality wedding photos?


If you are talking about inkjet printing, I have only used both high end Canon and Epson printers. I must say (even though I am a Canon fan) the Epson wins hands down. Prints I made on an Epson 2100 printer more than 10 years ago still look as good today as they did then.

May I recommend that you look at the Epson A3 printers. They are ideal for wedding prints. For the paper, check out the Epson Fine Art range…

Also, for Inkjet printing consider Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl Inkjet Photo Paper

Or for the old style "wet process", try Kodak's Portra paper with the "E" surface