Which Camera Should I Buy – Part One

Which Camera Should I Buy Part One - Canon EOS 400D or Nikon D80?

Which Camera Should I Buy Part One Nikon D80


I am new to Photography and would like to know which camera to buy. I like both the Canon Digital Rebel XTi and the Nikon D80. Please suggest which one to go for.


Wow, what a big question! At the end of the day, both of those cameras are excellent starter kits. Much better than when I started in 1979 and either would serve you well. What you really need to think about it which manufacturer you intend to stay with and build a good set of lenses that will last you for years.

I used to be "Nikon" as I used to work for them but then converted to Canon when I went digital. Canon, IMO, have the slight edge with technology in regard to their sensors and performance although Nikon still hold a place in my heart. I used to love their lenses and film SLR's.

If you can, get to a store and try both out. It is surprising how different each one feels in your hands and this "personal" feel can play a large part in your enjoyment of photography. Either camera will produce incredible photographs if used correctly. So as I say, decide which route you want to go and then build a good arsenal of lenses over time.

Edit 2018: Today, I would recommend that you look at the Canon Rebel T6 or the Nikon D3400.