Wedding Photography Course Testimonials

What Previous Course Attendees Have Said

Wedding Photography Course Testimonials

Claire (Sussex, UK)

Course date 16th Feb 2008

"Hi, Nick, After attending your Wedding Photography Weekend recently, I would like to express my thanks. I have never met anybody as enthusiastic about photography, with a genuine drive to help his fellow photographers improve. It was great to talk photography from the minute I arrived, to the minute I left on the Saturday evening.

You packed such a lot of invaluable information into such a short time, it was worth it’s weight in gold. Your training was easy to understand, you and your family made me feel very welcome and at ease from the word go. Your wealth of experience, and examples of your stunning work certainly helped to set what you had taught in my mind.

Your sense of humour and friendly approach also made me feel not so much of a pupil, more a friend showing a friend what to do, although the content of your course was professional and appropriate. The trip to the church was also a great experience. While practising my skills, you were on hand to guide me all along if I got into difficulty. I am certainly looking forward to the next course in April. All the best. Claire Hutchinson"


Course date 16th Feb 2008

"This was my second wedding photography course and found the one run by Nick was the Icing on the cake I need to boost my confidence about joining the ranks of a Wedding Photographer. His knowledge, which he gave without reservation, of photography was impressive. This and his guidance given about camera settings was the missing ingredient I was lacking." Maurice Stanford

John E Stevens (Brighton)

Course date 16th Feb 2008

"Hi Nick, I just wanted to say thanks for the course on the 16th Feb. I was a little worried about what to expect, usefulness, subject matter etc, BUT I did not need to worry! You were so enthusiastic about your subject, so happy to blow away myths, worries and concerns about Wedding Photography and the three things that kept surfacing over the the days were:

  • Preparation
  • Preparation
  • Preparation

I knew it was important, but Nick´s patient, succinct and useful tips gave a great deal of comfort about my approach to my own wedding season for 2008. Nick covered every aspect of the day, went through lighting conditions, use of flash AND so important for me how to cope when flash is not allowed…go for safety shots every time, you don´t get a second chance ramp up the ISO and capture the moment.

I also appreciated the business like approach, we do need to earn money, we do need to enjoy what we do, we do need give confidence to our clients and we do need to deliver! I do feel better equipped, I will be practising what I have learnt and I will be asking more questions so beware LOL! Thank you Nick !" John

Brian Prior (Belfast, N.Ireland)

Course date 16th Feb 2008

"Fantastic! What else could I say about this course. It made me realise just what was achievable and where I needed guidance. Nick is so easy and honest to talk to. Being From N.Ireland there are no training courses here and all the photographers treat their profession like a magic show.

Nick showed us that it is not beyond our reach and how to get the best out of the different situations. Nick is so straightforward and open about how to improve our photography. Wonderful man and his family were so helpful and welcoming it made the course a real pleasure. Thanks Nick!" Brian Prior

Mole (Larkfield, Kent)

Course date 19th April 2008

"This is the second course I have been on with Nick and this one certainly dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s. Even though Nick was filming during the course he did not at any time forget that we were there to learn.

He had both a make up artist and hairdresser there for the occasion in a beautiful Manor House. He taught us the importance of doing the safe shots before trying candid and stealth photos. Upon completion of the photographing he also covered in depth the use of developing and importance of the RAW photography."

Brian (Belfast)

Course date 19th April 2008

"What can I say about Nick and the Wedding Photography course? I think the best way to review any course or lecturer is to ask the question "Would I go back again?" In Nick’s case the answer has to be as often as he would let me. After experiencing Nick’s patience and infinite generosity in teaching all that he can during and after this course and a previous course.

I would have to say that he is by far the best teacher I have ever had. He doesn’t give 100% or even 110% he goes even further than that. His openness to show us where we were going wrong and from my point even to show some of his own work that went wrong and how to correct it, was worth every penny.

He brings the mystery of the wedding photographers craft down to earth with a bump. It has given me so much confidence to be able to photograph weddings and even to venture into Wedding photography as a career I never thought I was good enough to enter. Thanks Nick and all the best with your DVD. I can’t wait to see it and get my copy. Brian

Madis (Ireland)

Course date March 2010

"I recently attended the day long wedding photography course in Weymouth. I found Nick both, very helpful and approachable. All the info was conveyed in a simple, straightforward manner. Everything was easy to understand.

Nick engaged with all the students on a personal and professional level and I would thoroughly recommend this course to anybody considering a career in (wedding) photography. Thank you so much for the course Nick, it exceeded all my expectations!" Madis

Vanda (London)

Course date March 2010

Nick teaching us new tricks in the church : )

Wedding Photography Course Testimonials Nick Stubbs

"Nick is very approachable and helpful. He keeps everything simple and fun, his teaching method is very straightforward and easy to understand. Keeping things simple is so important, especially as far as wedding photography is concerned. Nick taught us how to set up the camera and flash so that we can always bring decent shots even in difficult, low-light conditions.

I managed to try his "safe settings" already and they certainly worked! Nick is very generous and patient, having spent more time with us than he had to. He is very encouraging, which makes you feel more confident. And his enthusiasm is contagious!

All in all I would recommend the course to everybody who is trying to start a wedding photography business. You will take away a lot of useful information that will help you on your way. Thank you very much, Nick. It was a great pleasure to meet you." Vanda

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