Wedding Photography Coffee Table Books

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Wedding Photography Coffee Table Books

What kind of wedding photography coffee table books are you looking for? Wedding photography albums? Leather photo portfolios or albums? Guides to wedding photography? Maybe you are creating a digital photo portfolio or a professional photo portfolio?

We have tried to offer a few resources necessary to help you on your way. Whether you are a photographer, getting married or just want to show off your work in a presentation album.

I have been a photographer for over 20 years. One thing that has always struck me is how images are improved by presentation. By simply, carefully and lovingly presenting your work in a bound album, leather photo portfolio, picture frame or just mounted onto a board, you can greatly enhance the viewing pleasure of both yourself and your onlookers!

Wedding Photography Coffee Table Books

Books for the Wedding Photographer

Bambi Cantrell is an acclaimed wedding photographer and teacher. She has been on the faculty of Hasselblad University and the Winona International School of Photography, and is based in the San Francisco area.

She regularly visits the UK on her tour of lecturing. If you get the chance to, I would highly recommend that you attend one of her lectures.

Skip Cohen, the Co-author of the book linked above, is former president of Hasselblad USA. He is also the president of a new photo-marketing company on the Web. He lives in New Jersey. One customer review from Amazon says;

"I am a professional wedding photographer. This was the first book I purchased when I started my business about 4 years ago. I can’t believe my luck! I have since been through about 20 other books and none of them has measured up to The Art of Wedding Photography. It is the only book that I actually throw in my own camera gear bag to this day and take to weddings when I need inspiration.

She gives technical hints with specifics. I based my initial pro equipment (roughly) purchases on the suggestions in this book. She also gives hints on using your intuition and being an active observer. The section on bridal shows, although short, gave me a direction for my first few shows. I recommend that you read and re-read this book many times. Even after 4 years I still pick through this dog-eared copy and get new insight every time."

Other Books Include

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