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The Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0 has been discontinued.

However, the online bigger, better and 2024-ready Wedding Photography Blueprint 3.0 - Video Edition, is coming soon!

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Learn Profitable Wedding Photography Quickly, Easily, Professionally and in the Comfort of Your Own Home on 8 DVD’s.

Learn Wedding Photography

This best-selling course has sold all around the world for more than 8 years. It has helped numerous photographers, beginner, amateur and professional, realise their dream of becoming a professional wedding photographer

Never has there been a better time to learn how to photograph weddings. A bold statement but one that is absolutely true. Never mind the simplicity of digital photography as opposed to film, there is so much more technology available to photographers now, shooting weddings is not only a breeze but it is fun!

You have some superb cameras available today that allow you to:

  • Shoot super high resolution photos, HD and 4K video
  • Shoot in incredibly low light with great results
  • Do simple time-lapse clips

Plus a huge selection of lenses, accessories, gadgets and gizmo’s which all help you to produce a stunning, memorable and profitable wedding experience.

Imagine Earning £500 - £1500 or More per Wedding!

What is Stopping You?

Many people get put off by the horror stories of how hard it is to shoot weddings. Plus the fact that this is your one and only chance to get it right. Whilst that is true, after devouring this course I can guarantee you will feel uber-confident. You will be raring to go with your first, second, third and up to your hundredth wedding and beyond.

If you are concerned about money and the costs involved, well, that comes with any business. What if I told you that when I started shooting weddings digitally, I had just:

  • One camera body (Canon EOS 10D 6mp)
  • A single lens (Canon EF 28-135)
  • One speedlight (Sigma 500DG Super) and that was it!

I used the income to slowly grow my business and equipment to the point of having to sell a load on eBay this year. I simply had too much which is something I NEVER thought I would say.

All New to You? Don’t Worry, Here is What You Will Learn

It is probably easier for me to say what you won’t learn and that is how to cut corners and undervalue your work. We cover just about everything you need to know about shooting weddings including:

  • How to get clients
  • Equipment needed and recommended
  • Camera settings
  • Low light photography
  • Flash photography
  • Setting up the shots
  • Location shoots
  • Group shots
  • Processing and digital imaging
  • Shooting and incorporating video
  • Albums and photobook design
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • How to build a website
  • How to get found on Google
  • Interview with pro photographer
  • Interview with wedding planner
  • Interview with photobook manufacturer
  • Free eBooks
  • ...and much more!

Basically we have everything covered from start to finish and this set of 8 DVD’s was designed for anyone, from beginner to professional photographer, to pick up the course, watch, read and study it to then be able to confidently start earning money photographing weddings!

What's On The 8 DVD’s

Classroom Lessons - 5h 25m

DVD’s 1-3 are all classroom based and take you through an entire wedding from start to finish with images to illustrate each section. We go into huge detail including equipment and camera settings to get you ready for the location shoots.

Location Lessons - 5h 45m

DVD’s 4-6 are all based on location whether in a large church, a registry office setting, in local gardens, on the rocks, the beach and in a grunge location where we set up some special portraits of the bride and groom and the group shots.

Bonus DVD’s - 4h

DVD’s 7 and 8 hold plenty of information from business tips to tips from some leading industry professionals including a wedding photographer, wedding planner and photobook manufacturer plus insights from a newly married young couple.


"All going well here. Had a productive first wedding season with 12 weddings all in all and quite a few booked for next year. It’s been a very enjoyable learning curve and something I wouldn’t have been able to start on without your excellent course!"

Clive Nolan - Photographer

"I am so glad that I got that problem with PayPal sorted. I received the discs a few days later and all I want to say is “Wow, probably the best tutorials I have ever bought”. The professionalism of the videos, the way it then cuts to show the result in Photoshop is awesome. You’ve a great manner and no ego and I can see you really want to get it across to your students."

T.H. Dublin - Photographer

"Just wanted to say thanks. I got the DVD course at the end of last year in preparation for a friends wedding. I gave them the photos last week and they are absolutely thrilled. Definitely could not have done it without your help. The basic camera setting you recommend in the DVD was worth the price on it’s own. I didn’t get a single badly exposed shot"

Lee Brookes - Photographer

"Nick, Thank you very much. I purchased your Wedding Blueprint last year. Last Saturday, I did my first wedding. I used a lot of your tips and everything went better than planned. Thank you, your DVD’s gave me the confidence I needed to do the job. The photos turned out better than I could of expected. Now all I can think of is, Roll on wedding number two, three...etc etc"

Mick Lumley, IRELAND - Photographer

Wedding Photography Blueprint - Price

You can't buy the Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0 8 DVD box set right now because V3.0 is due for release this year.

Please register below to be notified when we launch because we will be offering a special earlybird launch price. Just fill out the form below to get on the list.

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Learn Wedding Photography

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