Using Teleconverters

Using Teleconverters on Your Lenses

Using Teleconverters


I read your article on the 1.4 and 2x converters and I’m wondering if that means it doubles whatever lens length I have. Also you referred to the light and I don’t want to lose any light for that perfect shot. I haven’t taken any classes on photography so I just want to buy things that I don’t need. I need some advice to know what it is I need. I’m also on a budget so this is why I’m considering the 2x converter/magnifier????? Please help!


With a 2x converter, you will lose 2 stops of light, so your 100-300mm lens becomes 200-600mm. That means you WILL get closer but you lose the light. If your largest aperture on that lens is f4, it will become F8. If it is f3.5, it will become F5.6. A 1.4X converter will only lose 1 stop and your 100-300mm lens becomes a 150-450mm. Why not try that?

Tamron make good converters at a reasonable price.

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