Underwater Camera Housings

Open Up A Whole New World For Your Camera

Underwater Camera Housings

Underwater Camera Housings and Underwater Photography

I lived in Spain for 10 years so inevitably I got into underwater photography. Or at least gave it a go. I have taken photos whilst leaping out of planes at 14,000 feet so I decided it was time to go the "other way".

I searched the internet looking for a decent underwater housing for my Digital SLR (DSLR). Quickly I realised how expensive it can be. Especially if your brand new Canon 5D Mark IV or Nikon D5 gets a soaking due to a faulty housing!

Buy cheap, buy twice!

When looking for waterproof camera housings and cases you should have one thing on your mind...quality. Sure you can buy super cheap but I would only recommend that for smaller, more "disposable" point and shoot digital cameras.

Serious about underwater photography? Bear in mind that the waterproof camera housing could cost as much, if not more, than your actual camera! However, once you are shooting away in the deep blue sea and you feel safe in the knowledge that your camera is as dry as toast, the cost becomes irrelevant and furthest from your mind.

You don’t even have to be a scuba diver to enjoy underwater photography. You can use these housings whilst snorkeling on vacation. Or even when just playing with water at home in the garden. In fact, anywhere that there is water and you wish to photograph "wet things", an underwater housing for your camera will always come in handy.

Cheap underwater housings

I wasn’t entirely sure whether I would get the time or availability to shoot much underwater photography with my DSLR's. Therefore, I went for a cheaper yet very good option. That is where I will start, with the Ewa-Marine.

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Underwater Camera Housings

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