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I remember the excitement of buying my first flashgun at 13 years old circa 1980. It was the Vivitar Zoom Thyristor 2500 (below) and I loved it! I think it was one of the first of the speedlights and flashguns with the Thyristor. This stopped the light firing once it had reached the subject by recording it bouncing back into the thyristor.

It was an early "auto mode" in other words. It also had a cool, manual zoom range which you activated by pulling the front element forward. I wasted a lot of batteries playing with this flashgun. Even when it was off the camera!

Speedlights and Flashguns
Speedlights and Flashguns

Some photographers boast that they don't use speedlights and only use natural light. They are either lying or they are missing out on some awesome creativity. I use speedlights and am not ashamed to say so. In fact I love using them sometimes, especially when shooting off camera flash with my wonderful:

If you don't yet own a speedlight or flashgun, get one when you can and have a play. You can get some amazing effects using just one light from differing angles on any subject. Check out some of the options at Amazon below and treat yourself ; )

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