Speedlight Diffusers

Speedlight Diffusers: So Much Choice. Which is Best?


Harbour Digital Pro Pack/Complete Lighting System Kit OVER the Gary Fong Lightsphere and/or Whale Tale Studio?


I honestly think that all three would do the job required, i.e., diffuse the light nicely and throw out enough light forwards to fill any shadows.

Speedlight Diffusers

I have only used the pro pack myself but find it does the job well. For example, I just used it at a huge wedding in the Park Lane Hotel in London where the wedding lighting was amazing but very low key. The ceiling was about 70 foot high (not good for bouncing flash) and I hate direct flash so I used the diffuser.

I am extremely happy with the results which, when used correctly, light the subject nicely whilst allowing the ambient light to "burn in" well.

Of the three, the Whaletail looks very good value and a nice system. The pro pack gives you everything you need (filters, small diffusers and more bang for your buck). Then the Lightsphere does the same job but doesn’t give you the accessories.

I am not going to commit to suggesting any of the products for two reasons;

  1. 1
    Each has their own merits and downsides
  2. 2
    Any decent photographer should be able to use each of these products to get satisfactory/excellent results

Think about your budget, what you get for your money and what you need it for. Then…just buy one and learn to use it well…it takes practice.

Update: I have now also been using the Lightsphere II from Gary Fong for about 2 months and love it. It is more durable when shipping around for a start plus it does what it is supposed to do very well.

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